The Truth About Chase Chrisley's Girlfriend Emmy Medders

When Chrisley Knows Best first debuted in 2014, son Chase Chrisley was still a teenager, just starting to come into his own. However, since then, the reality star has grown up, even co-helming a spin-off series with his sister Savannah Chrisley, Growing Up Chrisley. Where did all the time go? It seems like just yesterday the two siblings were still in high school.

In addition, it looks like Chase has gotten pretty serious with his girlfriend Emmy Medders, as he went Instagram official with her in July of 2020. It's not difficult to see why, either, as Medders is a gorgeous woman with a beautiful smile and an innate confidence that radiates from her. Congrats on your burgeoning romance, you two!

So what else is there to know about the newest addition to the Chrisley universe? What does Medders enjoy doing, and what does she value most in life? And is she a good fit for her new beau? This is the truth about Chase Chrisley's girlfriend, Emmy Medders.

Chase Chrisley's girlfriend Emmy Medders have known each other for a while

While Chase Chrisley didn't announce to the world his affections for Emmy Medders until July of 2020, it's not because they had just met and barely knew one another. In fact, he and Medders have been in one another's orbit for some time, as he tells it. "I met her a couple of years ago, but I think that I just had some growing up to do," he confessed in an interview with Life & Style. You can practically hear Todd Chrisley snickering in the background with this admission!

As for what the couple's plans are for the future, Chase Chrisley and his girlfriend aren't in any great rush. Instead, they just want to see how things pan out while they continue to kindle their romance. "We're enjoying each other's company and learning more about each other and kind of just taking it day by day," he continued. "I'm definitely not engaged, that's for sure!"

Chase Chrisley's girlfriend Emmy Medders attended the University of Georgia

One of the things that the Chrisley family is known for is their southern identity, which permeates nearly every aspect of their lives. The family lived in Atlanta for a long time before relocating to Nashville, Tenn., as noted by the Chrisley Knows Best blog. So it stands to reason that Chase Chrisley would want a southern belle as a partner.

Naturally, Chase Chrisley's girlfriend Emmy Medders is exactly that, as she was born and raised south of the Mason-Dixon line. "I am from Columbus, Georgia," she wrote in the bio of her WordPress page. "I am currently a Junior at the University of Georgia with a major in Journalism and a minor in Communication Studies."

Medders has since graduated from the University of Georgia, a place that she holds near and dear to her heart. "Thank you Lord for the best years of my life at UGA," she wrote in a 2018 post on her Instagram page. 

What does Chase Chrisley's girlfriend Emmy Medders do for work?

After Chase Chrisley's girlfriend Emmy Medders graduated from college in 2018, she didn't just rest on her laurels and call it a day. Rather, she fairly quickly entered the workforce, according to her LinkedIn profile. Even while she was still enrolled in school, Medders had an internship with the University of Georgia's Emory School of Nursing, working as a creative consultant.

According to her LinkedIn page, Medders' first job out of school was at Insight Global, located in Atlanta. There she worked as a verifications specialist, a role which had her filing documents, coordinating office responsibilities, and managing inbound and outbound communication. After six months, Medders left that company to work for Jenson Strategic Partners, LLC as a personal assistant. In that role, she became responsible for transporting children to school and appointments, tending to the cleanliness of her employer's home, assisting families with childcare, and facilitating the intellectual growth of children, to name just a few things. If she likes working with children, perhaps she wants to have children of her own some day...

Chase Chrisley's girlfriend Emmy Medders says she has a bubbly personality

If there's one thing you can say about the Chrisley family, it's that they all have strong personalities that are unique and quirky. You certainly have to be fluent in sarcasm and sufficiently witty to keep up with Todd Chrisley's shade!

Judging by the way that Chase Chrisley's Emmy Medders describes herself, she may not be extra like Todd, but she'll fit in just fine with the rest of the family who are usually less dramatic. "Personally, I think I am a very bubbly person," she shared in the bio of her WordPress page. "I love talking with others and meeting new people." Hey, as long as she brings the effervescence to the party, she'll have no trouble establishing space for herself in the famous family.

Medders also likes to think of herself as someone who always has an optimistic take on the world. "For the most part, I am generally a happy person," she continued. "I try to look at the bright side of most things, and I love to laugh and smile!"

What does Chase Chrisley's girlfriend Emmy Medders love to do?

When Emmy Medders isn't working away at her job or busy with educational obligations, what does she like to do? Will you find Chase Chrisley's girlfriend playing sports or out in the garden working on a flower bed? Probably not, as it sounds like Medders is more of a girly girl. "My favorite hobbies include shopping, getting my nails done, and hanging out with my mom," she penned in her WordPress bio. There's a chance, then, that she might enjoy spending time with Chase Chrisley's sister Savannah Chrisley, who's had a stunning transformation, with interests like that — which bodes well should she become an in-law down the road.

As for the locales that Medders enjoys, if it involves an ocean view and lots of sun, chances are you'll find her there. "My favorite place to go is the beach, but I also love to travel to different places," she continued. That includes places like the BahamasNew York City, and Mexico, to name just a few.

Religion is important to Chase Chrisley's girlfriend Emmy Medders

One of the most important things in the world to Chase Chrisley's girlfriend Emmy Medders, something she holds closely in her heart, is her commitment to her spirituality. Part of that involves manifesting gratitude every day and appreciating all of the good things in her life. "We are not promised tomorrow, so love yourself and others way more," she shared in an Instagram post. "Be more selfless, not selfish... forgive easily and do not harbor anger... be present and intentional with people." She also stressed the importance of apologizing when you've wronged someone, affording yourself grace, telling your loved ones how much you care for them, and making people smile. 

While plenty of folks can do those things without being religious, for Medders, the motivation stems from her Christianity. "Thank you Jesus for every breath and every day," she continued. "Thank you Jesus for the unexplainable joy and peace my family carries even during the toughest storms."

Chase Chrisley's girlfriend Emmy Medders is all about family

In addition to her spirituality being important to her, Emmy Medders is all about staying close with her loved ones, especially her relatives. "I love my family," she gushed in her WordPress bio. "I have two brothers and amazing parents who mean the world to me." She frequently posts her admiration for them on Instagram, especially her father, whom she calls her hero. Mom gets an occasional shout-out too.

So naturally, when Chase Chrisley's girlfriend found out that her father had been diagnosed with ALS, she was rightfully upset. "I am beyond confused, shocked, angry, and sad," she confessed in a post on her Instagram page. "The pain is so deep, raw, and surreal but I am holding onto the truth: God is faithful." She added that the fight is already "won" since her father is a "warrior," saying ALS won't be getting "the last word."

Chase Chrisley says girlfriend Emmy Medders makes him want to be a better person

While Chase Chrisley has dated before — he previously had a relationship with Brooke Noury, followed by a romance with Kayla Puzas – his relationship with Emmy Medders is different. For one, being with her has inspired him to do a bit of soul-searching to figure out what he really wants in life. "I think she's the first girl I've ever been with that really makes me want to be a better version of myself, and I want to be as good as I can be so I can do that for her," he revealed in an interview with Life & Style. "And that's a huge change for me..." Aw, good for you, Chase!

As if that in and of itself wasn't enough, Chrisley said that he's not the only person smitten with his girlfriend. "Not to mention my entire family adores her so everything is kind of moving along smoothly," he continued. This is all sounds really promising!

Todd Chrisley approves of Chase Chrisley's girlfriend Emmy Medders

Regular viewers of Chrisley Knows Best know that if Todd Chrisley doesn't like you, he's not going to pretend that he does. The king of shade certainly didn't mince words when Chase Chrisley's ex-girlfriend Brooke Noury left him feeling down in the dumps. "If I don't like ya, I don't like ya," he explained in an episode of Chrisley Knows Best (via Country Living). "But my child, Chase, is broken hearted over the fact that he's single from someone that none of us like. I'm not going to lie to you, that gives me great comfort." Leave it to Todd to say something like that.

Fortunately, if his social media comments are to be believed, Todd has given his coveted stamp of approval to Chase Chrisley's girlfriend Emmy Medders. "Be still my heart," he commented on his son's Instagram photo of himself with Medders. That left folks in the comments section stunned, who were surprised to see Todd say something nice. "I don't give those likes easily my friend," he responded to one comment.