Signs That Scream You're In A Twin Flame Relationship

If you've ever had difficulty explaining the extreme depth of a relationship you share with another person, you may be in a twin flame relationship. While there are quite a few signs you can look for based on how you both act and feel with one another, there are also elements and phases to the phenomenon.

The four elements to a twin flame relationship are deep connections emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually (via Hack Spirit). Not all of these relationships are romantic, but each person has a complete understanding of one another in their connections (via The Law of Attraction). Love coach Lisa Vallejos even adds, "it is common for those relationships to separate because they are very difficult to maintain," (via Allure).

If you prefer to learn about the phases of this relationship with music, then cue Norah Jones' song "Flame Twin." Otherwise, you can identify a twin flame relationship by an arc of events that happen in the relationship — and there are seven phases that make up these events. The first phase is the search, in which you feel you are lacking something big in life and you begin preparing to meet someone perfectly matched to yourself. Next is the awakening, which is when you meet your twin flame and feel shaken by the bond you immediately share. It's also normal for this event to be a chance encounter with several small coincidences or twists of fate that make meeting them feel like destiny.

The phases beyond the honeymoon period

If your twin flame relationship is going to last a long time, then the third phase is very important and can only happen after you have both had time to enjoy the happiness you feel in each other's company. This testing phase is when you begin trying to understand your relationship and set boundaries. You might begin to recognize things that could be obstacles to your relationship in the future, too. Even with a twin flame, you will experience conflict, and it could break the relationship which leads us to the next phase: crisis. You'll fight and likely separate. If you make it through this phase and the following phases, the relationship will be incredibly strong and could last a lifetime.

After the separation during the crisis, twin flames become a runner or chaser in the next phase. One will run from the other to distance themselves from the level of intimacy you share, while the opposite twin flame is the chaser fighting for the bond you share. Eventually, if you survive this phase, both surrender and acknowledge that there is a greater force working between the two of you.

At this point, you enter the surrender phase where you both relinquish control of the relationship, accept your fate together, and trust the relationship. It's important that both twin flames have worked on what caused the initial crisis. Finally, the reunion phase comes after turmoil and you two can just enjoy each other.

Signs that indicate you've found your twin flame

If you are in the early stages of a twin flame relationship, there are telling signs even before you go through several phases together. While twin flames and soul mates both share similar hobbies or interests, twin flames actually are deeper than soul mates. They can understand what the other is thinking without communication, know what the other is feeling or doing intuitively, and have many of the same thoughts or emotions at the same time. Twin flames might have the same dreams at night, feel a physical pull to one another, and feel like they can completely be themselves with one another. 

Twin flames understand complex or hidden parts of one another that is typically very liberating and validating. They also share similar vulnerabilities and weaknesses, which might be from many of the same past experiences.

Ultimately, twin flame relationships are all about fundamentally transforming each other. So, you might find yourself on a different life path, thinking in new and different ways, or significantly changing your perspective in response to your twin flame expanding your views. A top twin flames expert and intuitive energy healer, known professionally as Dr. Harmony, explains that "they enter your life to help you discover more of your authentic self by releasing what no longer serves your life, love, and livelihood," (via Well+Good). Regardless of how you transform one another, it is important that you are equal and have set boundaries to avoid any toxicity