When You Wash Your Hair Every Day, This Is What Happens

If you search the internet, you can find arguments for and against washing your hair every day. Healthline says over-washing can result in dry and damaged tresses. But Hello Giggles notes there are certain hair types that do better with daily washes. So, how do you know if you should wash your hair every day if your goal is like everyone else's: to avoid bad hair days? 

Hair biologist Dominic Burg tells Byrdie that, unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule to determine how often we should wash our hair, because "everyone's skin and follicles will produce different levels of oils, which is normal and actually good for hair. The main challenge is finding the right balance and using the right products for you to maintain your style without disrupting your natural microbiome, pH, and natural oils." 

Bottom line: What happens when we wash our hair every day depends on your hair type, as well as your lifestyle.

How your hair responds to a daily wash depends on its type

Hello Giggles says your hair benefits (and thrives!) from a daily shampoo if it is straight, thin, and fine, if you work out every day, or if your hair is oily. A daily shampoo also helps your scalp get rid of the dead skin which accumulates when you suffer from dandruff. Moreover, a daily wash cleanses your scalp of excess oils that can breed seborrhea, a fungus that can leave your scalp both itchy and scaly.

But if your hair is thick, curly, gray, or treated with chemicals, it may also be dry, which means this type of hair will become more dry and brittle if it is shampooed every day. Medical News Today says less hair washing will help keep natural oils intact, which will also help keep hair moisturized as a result. Try rinsing with water in between shampoos to feel fresh.

Meanwhile, perhaps the best argument for washing your hair regularly, if not every day, is you can get rid of dead hair follicles that pile up between washes. A daily hair wash is therefore a good thing if you're trying to encourage your hair to grow. "Shedding that dead hair can stimulate new growth," George Cotsarelis, a doctor with the University of Pennsylvania tells Time.