Huge Mistakes Everyone Makes When Shopping At Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond makes the interior designer in us very excited. Thank you to shows like Fixer Upper for making us believe we can all decorate like Joanna Gaines. But luckily, if you struggle finding the right items for your place, the retail giant has a ton of great stuff. From the beautiful bedding options to affordable artwork and sleek appliances ⁠— it really has everything we need. It's also great for festive occasions, and you can even do your wedding registry at the store. They seriously have one the best dish and silverware sections. And according to CNBC, the secret is out about their robust inventory, as the retail chain brings in nearly $3 billion a year.

However, with all of the options available it can be hard to make the right decision. From picking up expensive back-to-school items to missteps in the clearance section, here's how to avoid the common mistakes shoppers make at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Buying pricey back-to-school items

When your child is going off to college for the first time your instinct might be to buy them every modern convenience you can, but that isn't necessarily a great idea. First of all, it's an impermanent place they'll be staying and it can get very expensive. Cheatsheet recommends staying away from things like a fancy hamper from Bed Bath & Beyond, which can set you back around $60. Instead, get them a laundry basket that is practical for them to carry to the communal laundry room and is much more cost-effective.

Also, avoid buying from the dorm furniture section at the retail giant. Stylish study setups that have already been curated by the store can come at a hefty price tag of $120. That's a lot for items your child will probably discard relatively quickly. To stay on budget, try picking out inexpensive furniture from different stores that have not been bundled together.

Not downloading the Bed Bath & Beyond app

The first thing you need to do if you want the most current discounts is sign up for them online at the retail giant's website (per CBS News). However, if you're less into receiving coupons by regular mail and more of a tech enthusiast, the app might be a better option. Shopping expert at True Trae, Trae Bodge, explained the app keeps all of your coupons and receipts in one place. This means way less of a mess in your purse with trying to keep track of everything. It also has a very handy feature, where you can scan any barcode in the store for price checks on products.

Another techie hack that can save you 20 percent is signing into your Bed Bath & Beyond account and adding an item to your online shopping cart (via CBS News). Then, exit out of the page by closing the tab. The store often will send an email with a 20 percent off code to encourage you to buy the product. Also, make sure to not throw away coupons you receive in the mail from the chain because they never expire.

Not shopping the clearance section the right way and tossing receipts

The Spruce recommends to not just look at the clearance sections that are typically located in the center aisles. Other sections have their own clearance items, like the bedding section, where you can find some incredible deals. Designer bedding with budget friendly prices? Sign us up! Expert on savings at, Kendal Perez, also suggested shopping the clearance area on Monday. "According to retail insiders, Bed Bath & Beyond restocks its clearance section over the weekend, making the beginning of the week the best time to search for deals," Perez said (via CBS News).

Another mistake is not saving your receipts. According to The Krazy Coupon Lady, Bed Bath & Beyond recently updated its return policy — which means if you don't have your receipt, the store will only give you a credit for what the item is currently being sold for and will subtract 20 percent. The store once had a flexible return policy, but Benjamin Glaser from said the chain has gotten stricter. "Returns with a receipt can be made for a full refund, with essentially no time limit," Glaser explained (via CBS News). So if you decide to buy with cash, make sure to keep those receipts in a safe place.