When You Dream About Tornadoes, This Is What It Really Means

Dreams can feel so vivid and real, and some dreams leave you wondering where they came from or what they represented in your life. While no one knows you better than you, there are some common themes that appear with some symbols you find in dreams. Tornadoes are just one symbol that might pop up from time to time.

"Our emotions are the weather of the mind," said Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, a professional dream analyst, told The Cut. "Rain will represent sadness, and tornadoes tend to represent worry and anxiety, spinning out of control." She adds that tornado dreams symbolize "the destructive force that worry and anxiety causes to the psyche." 

But, tornadoes can represent more than anxiety or worry. Depending on who you are, tornadoes in dreams might mean something more like emotional outbursts either from yourself or those around you (via Dream Meaning). Furthermore, no two tornadoes mean the same thing. Depending on other elements, like color or other inclement weather paired with a tornado, the dream could be interpreted beyond basic anxiety, spiraling out of control, or violent, sudden changes of emotion.

Tornadoes in dreams are linked to strong emotions

When a tornado takes place in a dream with heavy rain, it suggests that the destruction that's happening because of an emotional outburst is also causing you pain and sadness. A fire or bright red tornado might mean you're in a tumultuous relationship that's destructive, even if it is passionate. White tornadoes might mean you're calling into question your spiritual beliefs or even your mortality, according to Dream Meaning.

Multiple tornadoes mean you're overwhelmed by destructive people around you. However, if you dream that you survive a tornado, but are hurt, then it could be a sign of other people in your life hurting you. Even dreaming about a tornado warning could be a sign of people who "tend to worry and brace for impact over something that will probably never even affect them," per Loewenberg. On the upside, as she told The Cut, these people likely feel more prepared for whatever they are afraid of happening.

So, use a critical eye to evaluate your tornado dream and what's going on in your life during the daylight. They're likely linked to some kind of strong emotions you are feeling.