Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Hot Summer Days

This is a public service announcement: Put the hairdryers down! It's summer and it is way too hot to rock your bombshell blowout. Even the hair experts and color gurus at MadisonReed agree, saying, "It's one of the best things you can do for your hair during the summer." These coif connoisseurs go on to explain, "The blow dryer, the hair straightener and the curling iron can make hair fabulous, but since the weather permits air drying, take a break from the heat styling once in a while. It'll help reduce split ends and promote more hydration." 

This is carte blanche to experiment with awesome looks from braids to boho surfer chic. Basically, you'll give your locks some much needed TLC, and you'll get to experiment with these fresh styles that will have you looking fire during your Zoom meeting, while feeling cool and comfortable behind your screen.

Rock tousled beach waves this summer

When it comes to good hair, Gisele Bündchen has it. You too can look supermodel chic with this effortless style by following these simple tips by celebrity hairstylist Bryce Scarlett. In an interview with Women's Health, Scarlett revealed that using a simple styling lotion and allowing your hair to dry in two braids is the no heat secret to the mermaid look. As Gigi Hadid's stylist, this guy seriously knows his stuff. He goes on to say, "Nothing should be too perfect or symmetrical. Don't be afraid to try layering products either. I often use dry shampoo, dry texture spray, hairspray, and a pomade." 

A top knot is the ideal hairstyle for summer

Effortless and elegant, the top knot is always a win when it comes to updos. Fashion superstar Zendaya has been rocking this look for years and she clearly loves it. Who doesn't?! This particular top knot look is from her Graduate Together speech in May, and since it closely resembles the style she features in a tutorial on her personal blog, it's likely she did it herself. Need another reason to try out this simple yet elegant look? The top knot can transition from a casual day style to an evening out with a simple statement earring, and it's also great for second day hair.

Summer needs a sleek high ponytail

No one does a high ponytail quite like Ariana Grande. It's her signature look, and you can make it work for you, too. According to celebrity stylist, Jennifer Yepez, it's all about placement. Yepez, who has styled A-listers like Emily Ratajkowski and Jessica Alba with similar styles, told the New York Post, "I always draw a line from my client's chin to the crown of the head to find the exact spot to place the pony. Following this line will give the appearance of the ponytail pulling up, accentuating the face profile." If your hair is too short to pull up high, consider extensions specifically designed for ponytail styles. Yepez says it's a trick most celebs use for fullness and length, plus it gets your hair off your face for summer.