The Untold Truth Of Avery Singer

In early seasons of Real Housewives of New York, Avery Singer came off as delightfully grounded, especially next to her zany mom Ramona. But new rumors circulating suggest she might not be as down-to-earth as she seems. Has life in the public eye changed Avery from a regular teen to a diva? 

She has been on the show since 2008, according to IMDb, so the 25-year-old is bound to have gone through some big life changes. Add in the fact that quarantining together during the COVID-19 outbreak has brought Avery and Ramona even closer together, and you have to wonder if Ramona's self-centered behavior has finally started to rub off on her once-normal daughter? 

Avery Singer got into trouble at FedEx

Avery is currently moving out of her West Village apartment, and it hasn't exactly gone smoothly. Page Six reported that Avery got into a screaming match with FedEx workers. Avery was allegedly upset that the workers refused to box up her items for her. Avery's own photos showed her bringing multiple clear plastic containers into the FedEx, but what actually happened inside was less clear.

One observer claimed that FedEx's employees told Avery that leaving her storage containers would be fine. Another spectator claimed Avery loudly fought with the employees when the employees explained they didn't have enough boxes in the store to re-box her items. Avery allegedly stormed out, leaving FedEx to deal with her abandoned items.

Avery's rep told Us Weekly that the diva reports were completely falsified. "Avery has been shipping from this FedEx location since before March and throughout the entire move and everyone has been so courteous and helpful. The original location was unable to accommodate the size [of] box she needed to ship, so she had to switch locations. But that's all it was. Someone is obviously trying to make more about this situation than it really is."

On her social media, Avery tried to make it clear that she does, in fact, know what a moving company does. In her Instagram stories this morning, Singer showed herself bringing coffee and donuts for the moving crew from Dumbo Moving and Storage, who she praised for their professionalism.

Avery and Ramona Singer tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies

Ramona recently revealed to People that she and Avery have both tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies. While antibody tests aren't yet reliable enough to guarantee that the Singers did have COVID-19, Ramona says that she was pretty sure when she contracted it back in February. Since Ramona also suffers from Lyme disease, she didn't initially recognize her symptoms as being out of the ordinary. When COVID-19 cases were spiking in New York City in March, Avery and Ramona hopped a plane to Florida to self quarantine with family.

Once Avery arrived in Florida, she started experiencing some symptoms. "She just thought maybe she had a cold or a sinus infection, because she wasn't able to taste food and she lost her sense of smell," Ramona told People. Avery self-quarantined until her symptoms were gone. In May, the entire family got tested for antibodies. Once Avery and Ramona received their positive test results, they started donating plasma.

Avery Singer has been involved in some Real Housewives drama

Ramona is currently involved with a few online wars with her Real Housewives castmates, and they've made it clear that Avery is no longer considered a civilian. Avery recently posted Instagram stories where she reacted to new cast member Leah McSweeney acting drunk and rowdy at a party (via Daily Mail.) "This is nuts. I'm embarrassed for you. These people are crazy. How are you associated with them?" Avery told Ramona.

Leah didn't take Avery's comments lightly. She reposted a story to her Instagram captioned, "It's ok Avery, we've been embarrassed for you for YEARS" (via Reality Blurb.) Leah then posted a screenshot accusing Ramona of using Avery to do her dirty work with the caption, "[Ramona] are you sure you wanna involve [Avery] in our drama? She's 25 so she's fair game to me. In fact I'm closer in age to her [than] I am to you."

Most recently, Leah took aim at the Singers after Ramona flew back to New York City despite surging COVID-19 numbers in Florida (via ScreenRant.) "I am so disgusted by some of my castmates and their families who spent the entire f***ing quarantine in Florida living it up, showing everybody how they're living it up. Then in Florida, of course, the cases surge, they f***ing come back to New York, and are out like nothing, not quarantining, not taking this s*** seriously, and basically laughing in all of our faces," Leah said on Instagram.

Avery loves hanging out with her mom

It's no surprise Avery comes out to defend her mom, because she and Ramona are seriously close. Avery even told Us Weekly, "We were actually sharing a bed, as well, so we're hardcore roommates and we're never going to live this close in quarters... we still have three bedrooms here to ourselves but we're still choosing to sleep in the same bed." Not every mother and daughter could survive sharing a bed as well as an apartment for months, but Avery and Ramona seem to be doing just fine.

Ramona seems to love having a chance to spoil her daughter. For Avery's 25th birthday in May, Ramona and her ex-husband, Mario, set up a seriously luxurious spread for their at-home celebration (via Bravo). Between her friends and her parents, Avery ended up with four cakes. One flower cake, one ice cream cake, and two more delicious looking cakes with white and pink frosting. 

So will Ramona and Avery start living together again in New York? For now, it's unclear; in her Instagram stories, Avery claimed she's not sure where she's going next.