The Untold Truth Of Avery Singer

Born May 2, 1995, Avery Ann Singer is the 27-year-old only child of "Real Housewives" veteran Ramona Singer and ex-husband Mario Singer (via Biography Mask). Ramona is an original cast member of the "Real Housewives of New York" series, which started shooting in 2008 (via Time). Ramona, who, along with Luann de Lesseps, has never missed a season of filming, began allowing the cameras to follow Avery around almost after the RHONY cameras started rolling (via Us Weekly). Accordingly, Avery has become a celebrity in her own right, whether intentionally or not. Her Instagram page has over 106,000 followers, and her TikTok account boasts more than 22,000 fans. 

Nevertheless, Avery Singer always came off as fairly grounded, at least for a reality television celebrity, and especially in comparison to her mom, who is known for her enthusiastic support of the pinot grigio industry, her motor mouth, and her hair-trigger temper — which has pitted her against virtually every other "RHONY" cast member at some time or another (via Screen Rant). In fact, after graduating from the highly competitive University of Virginia, Avery took a job in finance.

That being said, Avery has since left the staid world of finance to work in sales for Cameo, the celebrity-stanning video service (via Bravo) — and so it seems the untold truth of Avery Singer is ripe for the telling.

Avery Singer got into trouble at FedEx

Avery is currently moving out of her West Village apartment, and it hasn't exactly gone smoothly. Page Six reported that Avery got into a screaming match with FedEx workers. Avery was allegedly upset that the workers refused to box up her items for her. Avery's own photos showed her bringing multiple clear plastic containers into the FedEx, but what actually happened inside was less clear.

One observer claimed that FedEx's employees told Avery that leaving her storage containers would be fine. Another spectator claimed Avery loudly fought with the employees when the employees explained they didn't have enough boxes in the store to re-box her items. Avery allegedly stormed out, leaving FedEx to deal with her abandoned items.

Avery's rep told Us Weekly that the diva reports were completely falsified. "Avery has been shipping from this FedEx location since before March and throughout the entire move and everyone has been so courteous and helpful. The original location was unable to accommodate the size [of] box she needed to ship, so she had to switch locations. But that's all it was. Someone is obviously trying to make more about this situation than it really is."

On her social media, Avery tried to make it clear that she does, in fact, know what a moving company does. In her Instagram stories this morning, Singer showed herself bringing coffee and donuts for the moving crew from Dumbo Moving and Storage, who she praised for their professionalism.

Avery and Ramona Singer tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies

Ramona recently revealed to People that she and Avery have both tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies. While antibody tests aren't yet reliable enough to guarantee that the Singers did have COVID-19, Ramona says that she was pretty sure when she contracted it back in February. Since Ramona also suffers from Lyme disease, she didn't initially recognize her symptoms as being out of the ordinary. When COVID-19 cases were spiking in New York City in March, Avery and Ramona hopped a plane to Florida to self quarantine with family.

Once Avery arrived in Florida, she started experiencing some symptoms. "She just thought maybe she had a cold or a sinus infection, because she wasn't able to taste food and she lost her sense of smell," Ramona told People. Avery self-quarantined until her symptoms were gone. In May, the entire family got tested for antibodies. Once Avery and Ramona received their positive test results, they started donating plasma.

Avery Singer has been involved in some Real Housewives drama

Ramona is currently involved with a few online wars with her Real Housewives castmates, and they've made it clear that Avery is no longer considered a civilian. Avery recently posted Instagram stories where she reacted to new cast member Leah McSweeney acting drunk and rowdy at a party (via Daily Mail.) "This is nuts. I'm embarrassed for you. These people are crazy. How are you associated with them?" Avery told Ramona.

Leah didn't take Avery's comments lightly. She reposted a story to her Instagram captioned, "It's ok Avery, we've been embarrassed for you for YEARS" (via Reality Blurb.) Leah then posted a screenshot accusing Ramona of using Avery to do her dirty work with the caption, "[Ramona] are you sure you wanna involve [Avery] in our drama? She's 25 so she's fair game to me. In fact I'm closer in age to her [than] I am to you."

Most recently, Leah took aim at the Singers after Ramona flew back to New York City despite surging COVID-19 numbers in Florida (via ScreenRant.) "I am so disgusted by some of my castmates and their families who spent the entire f***ing quarantine in Florida living it up, showing everybody how they're living it up. Then in Florida, of course, the cases surge, they f***ing come back to New York, and are out like nothing, not quarantining, not taking this s*** seriously, and basically laughing in all of our faces," Leah said on Instagram.

Avery loves hanging out with her mom

It's no surprise Avery comes out to defend her mom, because she and Ramona are seriously close. Avery even told Us Weekly, "We were actually sharing a bed, as well, so we're hardcore roommates and we're never going to live this close in quarters... we still have three bedrooms here to ourselves but we're still choosing to sleep in the same bed." Not every mother and daughter could survive sharing a bed as well as an apartment for months, but Avery and Ramona seem to be doing just fine.

Ramona seems to love having a chance to spoil her daughter. For Avery's 25th birthday in May, Ramona and her ex-husband, Mario, set up a seriously luxurious spread for their at-home celebration (via Bravo). Between her friends and her parents, Avery ended up with four cakes. One flower cake, one ice cream cake, and two more delicious looking cakes with white and pink frosting. 

So will Ramona and Avery start living together again in New York? For now, it's unclear; in her Instagram stories, Avery claimed she's not sure where she's going next.

Where Avery Singer graduated from high school is a well-kept secret

Avery Singer graduated from high school in 2013, according to Radar Online, which covered the post-graduation festivities at Brasserie Cognac — a high-end traditional French restaurant in the heart of Manhattan's posh Lenox Hill neighborhood on June 2, 2013. However, which secondary school she ended up graduating from is shrouded in mystery, according to Heavy — and so are the circumstances under which she transferred. 

Avery Singer started her secondary school years at Convent of the Sacred Heart, one of the oldest and most prestigious private all-girls Pre-K through grade 12 schools in New York City, according to Refinery 29. Her time at Sacred Heart overlapped with that of another daughter of an "RHONY" star: Hannah Lynch, whose mom is Dorinda Medley. However, according to Ramona Singer, Avery left Sacred Heart before graduating. Those in the "RHONY" inner circle claim that Avery was asked to leave because the powers that be at Sacred Heart felt that her mother's antics, as depicted on "RHONY," reflected poorly on the school (via the New York Post).

Nevertheless, Ramona Singer has maintained that Avery was not asked to leave, but rather "decided" she wanted a co-ed secondary school experience. However, no information is available to the public as to which school Avery transferred.

Avery Singer distinguished herself academically her freshman year of college

Whereas public information regarding Avery Singer's high school academic career is sparse, plenty is available online regarding her college years. According to her LinkedIn profile, Avery began her university studies in 2013 at the highly selective Emory University, where her outstanding grades earned her a place in Phi Eta Sigma, a national honor society for first-year college students. Admission to Phi Eta Sigma requires a grade point average of at least 3.5, and from what proud mom, Ramona, told fellow "RHONY" star Bethenny Frankel, Avery was a shoo-in. 

"She just got straight As at college, first semester, that's my girl," Ramona kvelled as Frankel listened (via YouTube). Avery did such impressive work during her first year that she was able to earn admission as a transfer student to the University of Virginia (via Heavy). As Ramona explained at the time via her blog, although Avery liked Emory, UVA was more aligned with her interests and goals. Founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819 and one of the nation's top institutes of higher learning, UVA takes a mere 15% of out-of-state applicants (presumably Avery was when she applied), according to College Transitions. Having transferred in time for the fall 2014 semester, Avery graduated from UVA on schedule in 2017 with a major in economics and a minor in sociology. 

Avery Singer embraced the Greek life while at college

Avery Singer was a member of a sorority as an undergraduate, according to Radar Online, which, in January 2015, posted a photo from Avery's Instagram account in which Avery wore a T-shirt emblazoned with "Tri Delta," which refers to the sorority, Delta Delta Delta. According to UVA's sorority recruitment newsletter, Hiking in Heels, more than one-third of UVA's student body is "Greek," which is the term used to describe students who are members of a college fraternal organization bearing Greek letters. However, given that the UVA sorority rush process occurs during the spring semester, but Avery tweeted the photo you see above, demonstrating her Tri-Delt pride, during her first fall semester at UVA, it would appear that Avery first participated in the sorority rush process and went through the related initiation rites while she was still a first-year student at Emory.

According to the Tri Delta's Membership Procedures, there is a specific process by which members of a chapter at one university may transfer membership to a chapter at another. The process begins with an application and involves an interview with the relevant "standards committee" of the chapter into which an applicant seeks to transfer her membership. Since UVA's Tri Delta chapter is known for its "friendliness," we'll presume this process went smoothly for Avery Singer. 

Avery Singer brought her mom, Ramona, to fraternity parties while at UVA

That Avery and Ramona could enjoy one another's company despite extremely close quarters during 2020 shouldn't be all that surprising to anyone, considering the cozy relationship the duo shared while Avery was in college. According to Bravo's Daily Dish, Ramona visited Avery on at least two notable occasions while Avery was a student at UVA, and both times, Avery included her mother in her socializing. For example, the photo pictured above, which Ramona posted to Instagram on October 11, 2015 (the first semester of Avery's junior year), showed Avery and Ramona socializing with what appeared to be three UVA undergraduates.

This was not the first time Avery invited her mother to participate in the college festivities with her. On September 29, 2014, Ramona posted a photo of herself with Avery in which the two women wore cocktail-length dresses. Ramona captioned the snap, "Best time at tri delta formal with Avery." As Avery noted via Reality Blurb, "My mom came to UVA a lot, and I would drag her, or she would want to go to the frat parties and dance with me and come to everything I was doing." 

Avery Singer was apparently traumatized by news of her father's infidelity

Ramona Singer's divorce from husband Mario arguably led to one of the most bingeable seasons of the "Real Housewives of New York," if not the "Real Housewives" franchise. But the events leading up to it may have left their daughter Avery with lasting trauma. According to Us Weekly, in October 2013, Ramona learned that Mario was having an extramarital affair with a woman in her early 30s, Kasey Dexter. Although Avery was away at college in Atlanta, Georgia, at the time, she may have learned of her father's indiscretions via tabloid coverage (via Bravo's Daily Dish).

"It kills me to think how painful it must have been for Avery to hear us say those things," Ramona confessed in "Life on the Ramona Coaster," her 2015 memoir. "[Avery] told me later that at that moment, she felt as if her world had shattered into a million jagged little pieces." Indeed, Ramona recalled Avery "screaming and hysterically crying" to the point where Mario believed she was in "physical pain." Avery rejected Mario's attempts to console her. In a subsequent letter to Mario that Ramona republished in said memoir (via Radar Online), Avery described the lasting damage Mario's choices inflicted upon her. 

Avery Singer was estranged from her father but has since reconciled

In a letter written by a 20-year-old Avery Singer to her father, Mario — excerpts of which Ramona Singer republished in her 2015 memoir, "Life on the Ramona Coaster" — Avery expressed her anguish, as well as her anger, over Mario's betrayal of Ramona and herself (via Radar Online). The letter accused Mario of having behaved like a teenager and of embarrassing both Ramona and herself, not to mention tearing apart the tightly-knit family unit that the three had once comprised. "We were a trifecta," the letter stated, "and you broke us." Avery was particularly outraged by her father's having entertained his affair partner in the Singer family's summer home in Southampton, New York — and in the bed that he and Ramona had shared for nearly two decades. 

Avery's heartbreak over her parents' estrangement showed in plummeting grades, according to Ramona, who seemed to recognize that Avery may have become preoccupied with worrying about her mother and acting as her mother's "pillar of strength" (via Bravo's Daily Dish). Nevertheless, Avery's anger was directed primarily at Mario, whom Avery refused to see at first, according to the Daily Mail. Ultimately, however, it would appear that Avery and Mario have since reconciled, which may be a function of his eventually having distanced himself from the woman with whom he had an affair that precipitated the breakup of the Singer marriage, per Us Weekly.

Avery traveled abroad for a month with friends after her college graduation

Avery Singer graduated from the University of Virginia in May 2017, according to Bravo's The Daily Dish. With her bachelor's degree in economics in hand, Ramona Singer's daughter had a job lined up for herself at the financial services company Morgan Stanley, where she spent the summer of 2016 working as an intern in private wealth management. However, Avery was not expected to start her new full-time job at Morgan Stanley until July. So, what did she do with the roughly two-month window between the comparatively idyllic life of a college student and her entrance into the real world of office work? 

According to her proud mama, Avery Singer did what college graduates these days have been increasingly opting to do: travel. Avery planned to travel with a group of her friends to Asia for four weeks of soaking in the local culture and history. And that's precisely what she did, hitting, among other locales, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and her last stop in Hong Kong (via Instagram).

As a young child, Avery Singer was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder

During a 2009 interview with Bravo, Ramona Singer revealed that Avery had, at the time, been dealing with a form of "juvenile rheumatoid arthritis" known as spondyloarthropathy. Spondyloarthropathy differs from other forms of arthritis in that it explicitly affects sites where the ligaments and tendons attach to the bones, according to the American College of Rheumatology. Although the condition typically affects the "joints along the spine as well as hips, shoulders, knees, and ankles," per Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, in Avery's case, the condition initially presented as pain in one of her feet. However, what led to Avery's diagnosis was that she woke up one morning with a limp, seemingly out of nowhere.

Although spondyloarthropathy is most often first diagnosed in teens and twenty-somethings, Avery was still young when she received her diagnosis. Exactly how old wasn't specified, but the condition weighed on Ramona's mind in early 2009 when Avery was 13. At that time, Avery had just undergone a four-inch growth spurt over the course of just one year, and this seemed to exacerbate her symptoms, requiring her to be continuously on medication to provide relief. At the time, Ramona noted that she had reason to hope that Avery would eventually grow out of this condition as she grew into adulthood. 

Avery Singer might be a brainiac

If you were to stumble into a watering hole where young people just getting started in the financial industry tend to congregate, and you were to listen closely, you might start hearing the terms Series 66, Series 31, and Series 7. All three refer to exams that financial professionals must take and retake until they pass — if they want to be employed by a financial brokerage firm. Since Avery Singer's first job after graduating from college was at the financial brokerage firm Morgan Stanley, she was required to take these exams, along with another one known as the Securities Industry Essentials Examination.

Taking these exams is no easy task, and passing them can be even harder. For example, Series 7 and Series 66 have an average pass rate of around 65%. That's why many people have to take these exams multiple times to pass. We don't know how often Avery Singer had to take these exams before passing. But we do know that she passed every one of them within the first two years after she graduated from college, according to BrokerCheck. Even more impressive, in the case of the Series 7, she did so within the first several months, and in the case of the Series 66, she did so within her first 10 months.

Avery Singer left investment banking for a job in sales

Although both of her parents are entrepreneurs, Avery Singer — who majored in economics at the University of Virginia — chose a career in finance after graduation. "She chose finance 'cause she's really good with numbers," her mom, Ramona Singer, said of her in 2018, according to Bravo's The Daily Dish. Almost two years after starting her first job at Morgan Stanley, Avery decided to make a slight shift — albeit while still in the financial industry. She became an analyst at the prestigious New York-based investment management firm Neuberger Berman, according to LinkedIn. Analysts are, essentially, paid investment banking trainees — doing research, performing analyses, collecting data, and learning which particular areas of expertise might appeal to them so that they might ultimately come to focus on one specific industry (e.g., retail), one individual market (e.g., South America), or one particular type of asset (e.g., corporate bonds). 

About two years later, Avery Singer decided it was time to make a more significant move. So in February 2021, Avery left Neuberger Berman to take a remote job with Cameo, a relatively new platform by which people can pay celebrities to create personalized video messages. Avery is available for Cameo video appearances, but her job with Cameo isn't as a talent but as a sales and marketing professional. Avery spent her first year working for Cameo on strategic talent partnerships, and she has now moved into the role of account executive.

Avery crowdsourced her next move all the way to Chicago

When Avery Singer started working for Cameo in February 2021, she did so remotely. A couple of months in, she posed a compelling question to her Instagram followers. "If you were similar in my shoes, where you had a fully remote job ... and you have no ties anywhere, what would you do for the next two years?" she asked (via Bravo). Her followers had lots to say, and much of it resonated with Avery — to the point where on September 9, 2021, she was ready to make a definitive move. 

"I chose a city," she told her followers in a September 9 Instagram story. "I'm moving to Chicago tomorrow." Perhaps not altogether surprisingly, mama Ramona wasn't thrilled. When Avery asked her, point-blank, what she felt, Ramona seemed to refuse even to acknowledge that Avery was leaving the East Coast. "You're not really leaving, you're just visiting another place," Ramona said. "I'll visit you, and you'll still come back and visit here." 

According to Reality Tea, Avery wasn't completely alone when she left for Chicago; instead, she brought along 17-year-old Coco, the Singers' longtime dog. Living her best life right up until the end, Coco died on October 21.

Avery surprised everyone three months later with another big move

Although Cameo is based in Chicago, Illinois, Avery's status as a remote worker offered her the flexibility to follow her bliss. Just months after hyping up her big move to Chicago, Avery Singer surprised more than a few of her fans and followers when she used her Instagram story to reveal that "the most spontaneous thing I've definitely done in January 2022 is moving to Austin, Texas" (via Bravo). As far as explanations went, Avery kept it simple. "I've never been to Texas before, so here we go." And off she went, but it wasn't until a month later, that she elaborated, at least to some extent, upon what she was thinking. Apparently, her move was partly motivated by a desire to gently push the limits of her comfort zone (via Instagram). 

"I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to successfully try another city again after having the best time in Chicago and stepping out of my comfort zone there," she wrote as a caption to a photo that capture a dramatic view of the Austin, Texas, cityscape. "I'm proud I've been able to do what I said I was going to do and try living in a couple US cities while being able to work remote...I hope this continues to inspire some of you to make a change if you want to do something ... just try." 

Avery Singer maintains privacy surrounding her love life

Throughout the years, we've come to know Avery Singer as attractive, intelligent, and accomplished, but she seems somewhat cautious regarding her love life. We know she went to prom in 2012, but it wasn't with someone with whom there was a shared romantic interest. Instead, she opted to go with a guy friend, according to Us Weekly. A scroll through Avery's Instagram feed tells us little else. Most of the photos are of Avery, either alone or with her parents or with what we have no reason to believe are anything but platonic friends.

The only hint that she has any interest in romance came in 2020, when she spoke with the Instagram Live interview series, "Spilling the Quarantea" (via Us Weekly). "I recently started to go on dates with three different guys right before quarantine," she commented. "It's all about a small roster. ... I have code names for all of them. Anyway, just like dinners — keeping it PG, nothing that bad yet."

She's always on the move

More than a decade after viewers first met young Avery Singer on "Real Housewives of New York," the daughter of Ramona Singer has emerged as an exciting and autonomous adult in her own right, even if we don't know a heck of a lot about what goes on in her romantic life. What we do know is that we want to know more, not just about her romantic life but, perhaps even more importantly, about her career and where she's living.

On April 30, Avery hinted in an Instagram post that perhaps she had ventured to Austin only temporarily. "Avoiding winter and coming to ATX for the first time was definitely the best idea I've had so far this year," she wrote. "Feeling so lucky for everyone I have met and finally getting to experience the hype of this special place. I'll be back soon." One week later, she posted a Mother's Day photo of herself twinning with Ramona in matching black pants and white shirts that look just a little too warm for Austin's balmy springtime weather. In fact, the caption suggests that the photo was taken in Chicago. Another photo, taken a week later, shows Avery standing before an indoor garden — in Chicago. Putting it together, we're thinking Avery is back to living in Chicago after a pleasant, temporary winter-long stint in Austin.