Here's How Much Kelly Ripa Is Really Worth

Kelly Ripa is one hard-working lady. After getting her start as a soap opera actor on All My Children, Ripa went on to play Hope on Hope and Faith, as well as appearing in dozens of TV shows and movies (via IMDb). These days, she's pretty busy co-hosting her morning show, Live! with Kelly and Ryan alongside Ryan Seacrest. But she still finds time to work on corporate partnerships with Pantene and TD Bank, and that's not even counting her production company, Milojo, which she started with her husband, Mark Consuelos (via Hello!). 

So how much of a fortune has she amassed over her decades in the spotlight? We'll give you a hint: It's a lot of zeroes.

Kelly Ripa is estimated to be worth at least $75 million

Kelly Ripa's net worth has been estimated between $75 million by The Richest and $120 million by Celebrity Net Worth, and a lot of that money came from acting. Ripa started her career playing party girl Hayley Vaughn Santos on All My Children, and CheatSheet reports that soap actors who have been in the business at least five years typically get paid $1,500-$3,000 per episode, for only 1-3 days of work. Ripa spent 12 years on All My Children, which must have lined her bank account nicely, as stars with that kind of staying power bring in up to $5,000 per episode. Her salary would only have increased for a network show like Hope and Faith.

Soap opera pay is just pennies compared to her hosting gigs, though. A veteran host like Ripa can expect the big bucks for her hosting gigs. Forbes reported that Ripa had an $18 million salary for Live! with Kelly and Ryan, which increased to $20 million the next year. Considering that the luxurious SoHo penthouse Ripa sold in 2014 went for $20 million, her current real estate holdings are probably worth a pretty penny. That's not even counting Mark Consuelos's net worth, which is estimated to land at $40 million (via Celebrity Net Worth). It's good to be America's favorite host!