Questions You Should Be Asking Your Crush

Having a crush is as exciting as it is nerve-wracking. All you want to do is talk to this person, and get to know them, but with your heart racing and palms sweating, your eloquence and cool tends to go right out the window. 


Thanks to social distancing, however, talking to your crush actually might be a bit easier. You've both got some extra time on your hands, and instead of getting to know each other face-to-face, you can start the conversation over text or even Zoom — which might give you a confidence boost. In between sharing funny memes be sure to drop these expert-approved questions on your crush, as well. They'll not only spark conversation, but give you a better idea of whether your recent heartthrob is going to end up a friend or possibly something more.

"Do you like scary movies?"

If the news about Scream 5 being in the works has you spinning in excitement, but your crush seems indifferent, you might want to reconsider your feelings (via PBS NewsHour). While talking about your taste in movies is a great way to get to know each other, according to Christian Rudder, co-founder and president of the dating site OKCupid, having similar tastes in horror movies is more than just a positive check mark in your compatibility chart. It's a good indication that you'll have success as a couple. 


Rudder explained that after analyzing a ton of data from the site which uses a barrage of questions to determine potential compatibility, successful couples have a joint love or hate of the scary stuff 75% of the time. Suddenly, "What's your favorite scary movie?" (of course said in a super scary low voice) has a whole new meaning attached to it.

"What celebrity do you have a crush on?"

This is a sneaky little gem of a question that seems so innocent, but can reveal so much information. In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, relationship coach Carmel Jones explained that this question clues you in on the other person's taste and what they find ideal and most attractive. If, for example, their celebrity crush is Ariana Grande, they likely have a thing for petite brunettes with big personalities. 


When you ask this question, remember that it's okay if you don't look exactly like the celebrity your crush admires — the crush is a fantasy. Noted somatic psychologist Holly Richmond to Refinery29: "So [their crush is] something that lives in their fantasy world, and they may not even want that in real life." 

"What's your favorite gift and who was it from?"

This question is direct and will tell you so much about your crush's personal life, per Jones, as it will tell you something about what matters to your crush and who they most value in their life. Does your crush value experiences over material gifts or thoughtfulness and creativity? This question is a great indication of personal values and it's also very helpful if you ever move from crush to couple — you'll be like a gift-giving wizard who always chooses the perfect present.


If you've gotten to this stage of chatting up your crush, chances are things are moving in the right direction. And although a great conversation is never a guarantee that your crush likes you back, if they compliment you, ask thoughtful questions back, and seem to care about what you have to say, that crush just might be reciprocated, according to eHarmony

What you have to decide is, after learning more about him or her, do you want to pursue something more or keep it in the friend zone?