What Luke Bryan's Newest Album's Name Is Really About

Luke Bryan is paying homage to his roots with his newest album, Born Here Live Here Die Here. While the album was originally supposed to launch at the end of April, its release was delayed until August 7 due to the COVID-19 pandemic (per Billboard).

The name of the album comes from the title of one of its songs, and it has a special meaning for the country singer. As soon as Bryan heard the song, which was written by Jameson Rodgers, Josh Thompson, and Jake Mitchell, he knew it was special. 

"The second I heard "Born Here Live Here Die Here" it related to me — how I grew up, how I have so many roots and so many ties to my hometown, and being tied to your hometown is very important in country music," he told People. Bryan added, "I fell in love with the song right away and now we have an album and tour derived from this song — it's pretty amazing."

Luke Bryan is proud of his roots

In a video released on Facebook, Bryan talked about the "beautiful picture of rural life" that the title track from his new album evokes. "Every line in that song just tells that small town life and it talks to that person that is proud of that small town life," he said. "They don't need to go look for anywhere else, they're happy, they're content, they got everything they want right there and there's something really really special about those types of people. The second I heard the song it just felt so real for me and it told a story, a big story in my life cause there was many many years I was that guy... Somehow I left and became a country music singer and I still love to sing about those topics."

Bryan has often spoken fondly of his hometown of Leesburg, Georgia. "I loved growing up here," he told Parade in 2014. The country star added that he goes home every year. "I love the foundation of this town. It's still very much the same, which puts a smile on my face," he said.