Feng Shui Mistakes Everyone Makes

If you're a feng shui energy fanatic, you know how important it is to keep your home's vibe clear and free. And even if you find all of its benefits hard to fully believe, feng shui principles will help give your home a gorgeous, clear layout. Feng shui stems from a Taoist idea that our environment impacts the energies around us. The goal of feng shui is to align our spaces more closely with the natural world (via The Spruce). A lot of the principles of feng shui make sense, including keep your space clutter-free, decorate with live plants, and surround yourself with objects you love. 

However, there are a few common feng shui mistakes that even seasoned spiritual decorators can make. Having blocked doors or lingering items in your doorways can interfere with your flow of good energy (via The Spruce). When doors are able to open to a full 90 degrees, it keeps the space free and clear with energy flowing throughout your space. So, wet towels and over-the-door hooks are a no-go. According to feng shui principles, it not only blocks energy, but it also slows the flow of opportunities that can come your way. Think of the symbolism behind doorways — if they're blocked, opportunities don't flow in as easily (via MyDomaine).

Feng shui mistake: Not tossing unhealthy plants

Obviously, when replicating the natural world, it's important to decorate with healthy, live greenery. "I'd recommend tossing dead plants," Heather Askinosie, feng shui expert and founder of Energy Muse, told MyDomaine. Unhealthy plants obviously create stagnation and point to a lack of health in your space. This translates into your life in different ways — whether it's in your relationship, career, or with your physical health. 

So, clear out old greenery and stay away from pointy leaves and cactus plants. "Replace plants with pointy leaves with ones that have round leaves, as pointy leaves are thought to be uninviting to energy," Askinosie noted. Try to find ethically grown plants that have rounded leaves like a jade plant, Chinese money plant, rubber plant, or fiddle leaf fig tree. These can be relatively low maintenance while ushering in peaceful, high-vibrational energy.

Feng shui mistake: Not decorating with items you love

Nothing clogs up energy more than pieces that aren't aligned with what you want to bring into your life. So, make sure that your decor elicits feelings of peace, happiness, joy, or whatever you're looking to attract. According to MyDomaine, it's important for your pieces to have meaning — whether they're photos of your family, sentimental objects, or pieces of art.  "When you see these items, you should feel a smile in your heart or perhaps a sense of accomplishment, curiosity, or adventure," feng shui expert Laura Cerrano said. "On a conscious and subconscious level, our environment is always influencing us."

Your space should stay clutter-free as well. So, spend some time Marie-Kondo-ing your home. Get rid of old clothes, photos, and decor. Spend some time in your pantry getting rid of anything that you no longer need or that has gone bad. Take some time to feel into what objects in your home bring you the greatest joy. From here, start to clear out your wall space, shelving, and other areas of your home that you usually only visit to give them a good dusting.

Even if you don't fully believe in the metaphysical benefits of feng shui, your home is sure to feel more joyous, and inviting when you avoid these common mistakes.