The Amazing Fruit You Should Be Eating For Faster Hair Growth

Short hair had a serious moment last year, but now all those bobs, lobs, and pixies are a thing of the past. Long hair is now on trend, according to InStyle. And when it comes to Rapunzel-length hair, celebrity hairstylist Paul Labrecque noted: "We'll probably see longer hair that's just one length because it's the easiest to do yourself." That means to rock the look you've got to have strong, healthy locks, because you can't hide damaged hair and split ends in a 'do without layers. 

To get your hair healthy and growing fast, it's important to take a look at your diet. According to Healthline, a diet low in certain nutrients may slow hair growth and even cause thinning or hair loss. Among the key nutrients are vitamin E, which protects your scalp from damage that can lead to fewer hair follicles, and essential fatty acids, which are important for cell health and help prevent hair loss. 

While that may sound like a lot to worry about, there is one superfood fruit that you can easily add to your diet that will provide these nutrients — the ever-popular avocado.

How avocados help your hair grow faster

From guacamole and toast toppings to salad dressings and smoothies, avocados aren't just delicious, they're brimming with follicle-friendly vitamin E, with one medium-sized fruit boasting as mush as 21 percent of your daily recommendation, per Healthline. Just how much does vitamin E improve hair growth? A study published in Tropical Life Sciences Resource found that taking vitamin E for eight months improved hair growth by an incredible 35 percent in people suffering from hair loss and thinning. 

When it comes to an avocado's supply of fats, you've probably heard they're mostly the healthy kind –  and it's true. The fruit is loaded with monounsaturated fat, most of which is oleic acid (an essential fatty acid), according to WebMD and Healthline. Your body cannot produce this fatty acid on its own, and it's a building block for your cells, including the skin on your scalp. A deficiency in essential fatty acids has been linked to hair loss.

So, if you're looking for longer, luxurious locks, head to the supermarket and grab this magical green fruit!