Ponytail Styles That Are All The Rage In 2020

Thanks to social distancing we're all sporting longer hair that rarely comes out of a messy bun unless it's for a midweek wash. The occasional trip to the grocery store or walk around the block means an upgrade to the tried-and-true ponytail, but this look isn't just an easy way to look tidy without much effort, it's having a well-deserved moment as a trending style in 2020. Windle London colorist, stylist, and hair extensions specialist, Jack Fitzpatrick, told Bustle, "Ponytails are timeless because they suit everyone." He goes on to explain their appeal stating, "They can be sleek, messy, undone, boho etc, and if you're short on time a pony is quick, easy and pretty much fuss free."

From celebrities to influencers, everyone is rocking a ponytail thanks to the style being featured on runways from New York to Paris and everywhere in between (via Vogue). Here are some of the hottest ponytail looks that will take you from Founding Father frump to fashionable and flawless.

The cheerleader

Hailey Bieber started a major trend at last year's Met Gala with her high sleek cheerleader pony. The '60s inspired look stole the show thanks to celebrity stylist Jen Atkin, who perfected the flipped out style that has become so popular. The icing on the cake? The perfectly tied black bow (via E!). According to Elle, to recreate this 'do you need a lot of hairspray to tame the flyaways and perfect that sleek look, and a flat iron to flip the ends after and give it that super smooth style.

The long braided pony

Not quite as high as the cheerleader style, the braided pony is a little more versatile in that you can choose whichever style of braid you prefer — classic, fishtail, or even twisted. Bonus points if you can rock those baby hairs with it. The trick is using a toothbrush sprayed in hairspray to tame flyaways, and of course being able to braid your own hair, which can prove a little tricky if you're out of practice (via Cosmopolitan).

The center part low ponytail

A Kardashian/Jenner favorite that has also been sported by Chrissy Teigen and Selena Gomez, this style is so sleek and shiny you'll never have that Alexander Hamilton got in a fistfight with George Washington look. According to Elle, all you need to recreate the look is a tail comb for that perfect center part, hair gel to keep it all in place, a hair tie, and a toothbrush for the hairspray trick.