What Is Dolphin Skin And How Do You Achieve It?

There is much to envy about the dolphin's life — these sea mammals spend their days eating, sleeping, and playing with their friends, which sure beats our 9-to-5 grind! No wonder they're thought to be the smartest animals in the sea (per Awesome Ocean). But we don't want to look like a dolphin, do we? Actually, yes, it turns out that we do. The beauty trend that's making the biggest splash this summer is "dolphin skin," a phrase coined by Kendall Jenner's makeup artist Mary Phillips, who is also a brand ambassador for the brand Iconic London (via Instagram). 

Similar to the Korean glass skin trend, dolphin skin is smooth and poreless, but it's also shiny, like you just emerged from a refreshing dip in the pool. "Dolphin skin is hyper-glowing and youthful, super-plump and hydrated, with the makeup applied in sheer layers to keep dimension," makeup artist Lisa Caldognetto told Get The Gloss. "It looks effortlessly done but in actual fact, it takes an absolute full-symphony orchestra to achieve." So how can you get a face like a Flipper fin?

You need liquid beauty products to create dolphin skin

Put your makeup powders at the bottom of your makeup bag if you want to achieve dolphin skin, because the best way to look slippery-smooth is to rely on an arsenal of liquid products (per Evoke). But first, you'll want to get your bare skin dewy by exfoliating and using a dry oil, according to makeup artist Danessa Myricks. "Prepping and preparing your natural skin is the key to maximizing this dewy, hyper-radiant look," Myricks told Glamour. You'll then want to choose a luminous primer, followed by your liquid foundation.

After you've got the base covered, it's time to dolphin-ize your face with a dewy balm highlighter or highlighter drops applied strategically. "Glow looks beautiful on all of the natural high points of the face," Myricks explained. "The bridge of the nose, the small area between the brows, the brow bone, the temples, the tops of the cheekbone and chin are perfect points to target." While many brands sell this kind of balm, if you don't have any, Aquaphor or clear lip gloss will work. Buff the product into your skin to keep the look natural, then blend your liquid blush.