Here's Why You Should Start Wearing Toe Spacers In Bed

Whether you're a runner, an avid yogi, or just have foot pain, toe spacers can help with a variety of foot ailments. With 7,000 nerve endings in each foot, your feet are constantly absorbing the brunt of the weight you put on them (via Dr. Oz). Rather than just putting them in for your weekly pedicure, toe spacers can help alleviate some of the pressure you put on your feet and toes on a daily basis.

Modern footwear can cause damage to the plantar fascia on our feet. Particularly with shoes that narrow towards the toe line, our footwear can squeeze the toes together over time which can lead to discomfort and foot deformation (via Yoga Body). Nearly 98 percent of shoes put our feet in unnatural shapes (via Yoga Body) and, if we're wearing them all day long, it can generate compression throughout the foot. Creating less stability and room for natural foot development, our shoes can lead to serious pain. 

After being squished into small spaces all day long and deforming the toes, it's even possible for your feet to drop a whole shoe size (via Yoga Body). Since the surface of our footwear encourages our feet to shrink, it's important to stretch them out as often as possible. When you wear toe spacers, you help stretch throughout the toes and the feet (via Yoga Journal). Toe spacers help reclaim the surface area of your feet while improving muscle development throughout.

Wear toe spacers at night for a deep stretch

In small, narrowed shoes, your unsupported feet gradually start to affect your posture, forcing your weight into your heels, and making the hips and lower back misaligned. According to Running Magazine, toe spacers literally space out your toes and help with foot strength, counteracting this imbalance. After spending all day with your feet squeezed inside poorly fitting shoes, it's important to give your feet the TLC they need to stay healthy and strong. 

You may need to work your way up to this, but wearing toe spacers at night helps to counteract a day of wearing shoes and walking with poor posture. When you start out, try wearing them for a few minutes each night (via Running Magazine). Depending on how long it's been since you stretched out your feet, this could be extremely painful. Just begin by keeping them on as long as possible and work your way up to about 20-30 minutes. 

Adding toe spacers to your self-care routine will feel different for everyone. Depending on your natural foot shape and the amount of time you spend on your feet, wearing toe spacers could be painful at first, or it could be a welcome massage. Either way, putting them in after a long day can be extremely beneficial for overall foot health.