Inside Vanessa Grimaldi's Engagement To Josh Wolfe

Vanessa Grimaldi is tying the knot. The Bachelor star revealed that her beau, Josh Wolfe, had proposed in an Instagram post featuring a series of photos capturing the special moment. "August 9th, 2020 will forever be my favourite DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!" wrote Vanessa in the caption. "[Josh] YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING AND I CANNOT WAIT TO BE FOREVER AND EVER WITH YOU!!!!!!"

Josh asked Vanessa to marry him on top of Quebec City's Saint-Louis gate as an accordion player serenaded them. "It was absolutely beautiful!" Vanessa told People.

Vanessa was surprised by the proposal. "I knew we were going to get engaged eventually, but I had no idea it was going to happen when it did," she said. "Josh is the first person I am with where I am at complete ease and where I never second-guessed his love for me. I've been ready to say YES! I am the luckiest woman!"

Vanessa Grimaldi is thrilled to be engaged to Josh Wolfe

Josh, a businessman, popped the question with a ring from Montreal jeweler Teresa and Sons. The ring consists of three stones, a center 1-carat oval diamond with two smaller stones on either side. The stones are set on an 18K yellow gold band.

The couple have been together for a year and a half and met after Josh slid into Vanessa's DMs. "I feel at home whenever I am with Josh," said Vanessa. "His love and affection for his family is something I've always admired about him and what I've always looked for in a partner. I love how much he values family and that he loves spending quality time all together. That is how we both were raised and one of the many reasons I grew a strong connection with him from the beginning."

The couple haven't announced a wedding date yet, but they know what type of celebration they want to have. "Younger Vanessa would have wanted a typical Italian wedding: big and lots of guests," said Vanessa. "Now, I envision something small, simple and intimate with my closest friends and family."