Questions You Should Be Asking Matches On Bumble

There's a trick to successful online dating. It isn't in your uniquely worded profile or your perfectly executed candid photo, even though those are important in their own right. It's in the chatting that happens after you match. The often awkward stream of texts that live in between matching and making an actual date. If the text chats are successful they can lead to a date; if they just don't flow, however, the match goes nowhere.

While securing a date with your adorable Bumble match is the end goal of keeping the texts flowing, you also want to get to know your match just enough to ensure that you'll actually get along before taking the next step (via Elite Daily). For example, if you've got two dogs that are your best friends, it's probably good to weed out anyone who might have a fur allergy. It's important to remember that these texts shouldn't feel like a job interview, however. In an interview with Swipe Life, dating coach and relationship expert Connell Barrett advised that lighthearted, fun, and flirty questions that keep the conversation going are key. And if your match is engaged and contributing to the conversation, they will reveal everything you need to know to decide if the match is worth taking to the next level. 

To get the ball rolling, try these expert-approved questions that will keep that text conversation going with your next online dating match.

"If tattoos only lasted a year, what ink would you get?"

This question is fun, but it's also a window into what your match has a passion for at this stage in their life. Barrett explains, "A tattoo is not just a decorative piece of body art — it's CliffsNotes for who someone is and what they value (via Swipe Life)." This question opens the door to exploring your potential date's interests and his likes and dislikes, just remember you need to contribute to the conversation, too. Open up and see where the conversation takes you. Don't be afraid to suggest moving it to a phone conversation if it gets deeper — long texts can hurt the flow of conversation (via eHarmony).

"What's the best Netflix series and what are you currently watching?"

Think this is just a safe throwaway question? Think again. According to a 2016 survey of 1,935 adults ages 25 to 49 about their TV watching habits, an incredible 30 percent of single millennials admitted to turning down dates with someone based solely off their taste in TV shows (via The Wrap). The survey also found that a whopping 43 percent of millennials will judge other people based on their TV watching habits! It's harsh, but better to know right away if your obsession with true crime documentaries is going to lead to a love match or a weekend of way too much rose while binge watching Snapped – no judgment.

"Would you rather ride a roller coaster or read a book?"

If you are a bookworm this question might be a deal breaker, but then again, maybe not. Relationships are about balance, and where a bookworm brings empathy, patience, and creativity to a relationship, the roller coaster rider introduces fun and spontaneity (via Bustle). According to Barnes & Noble advice columnist and relationship expert, Ginni Chen, "Dating someone with other interests and passions is much more adventurous than dating someone who does what you already do quite well all by yourself (read books). You might have to step out of your comfort zone a bit, find new pastimes, pick up a new hobby and put in a little more effort than usual, but I promise it won't be boring."