Why You Should Be Using A Scalp Scrub

Many of us spend big bucks getting our hair done at the salon, and buying the best of the best products to ensure our locks stay luscious in between cuts. But more often than not, our obsession with our hair focuses on the roots, when we really should also pay attention to the scalp. This should come as no surprise given our scalp is where our hair grows — you can't really expect to have healthy hair without a healthy scalp. However, according to Steve Shiel, scientific director at L'Oréal UK & Ireland, our scalp "is one of the most overlooked parts of our whole body" (via Vogue).


As David Adams, cofounder and colorist of FourteenJay salon, explained to Self, "Our skin and scalp are part of the same ecosystem." He continued, "As we would exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize our skin, we should do the same with our scalp." In other words, we all need to update our hair care regime, ASAP! And that's where scalp scrub comes in.

Scalp scrubs deliver a deep clean

Using a scalp scrub just once a week will help your scalp and thereby your hair. A scalp scrub works like an exfoliator, delivering a deep clean for our scalps and removing any build-up from the various hair products that we use. As hair expert Michael Van Clarke explained to Good Housekeeping, "Often the products that we use in our hair are not designed for the skin." He continued, "These products can seep down, build up and easily cause the hair follicles to clog up. This can lead to a thinning and loss of the hair. So, exfoliation keeps the hair healthy and allows the scalp to breathe from the build-up of excess hair product."


Scalp scrubs also work to remove dandruff and excess oil. A flakey scalp is one sign a scalp scrub is right for you, according to Byrdieas is an oily scalp, and if you sweat a lot. And as long as use you use your scalp scrub gently, it can also be a great way to manage dandruff.