Where Are Prince Harry's Ex-Girlfriends Today?

Where are Prince Harry's ex-girlfriends today? He and his wife may be living out their happily ever after — here's a look inside Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's new life — but before they found each other, he was something of a playboy. In fact, Prince Harry has been involved with more than a dozen women over the years, many of them celebrities. From rumored flings to serious girlfriends, Prince Harry's dating life provided tabloids with headlines for years. 

But Prince Harry's reputation as a party boy is all in the past. Today, of course, he's a dedicated husband and father who's doing his best to live life on his terms — here's why Harry & Megan are stepping back from the royal family

The once-wild royal may have settled down, but interest in Prince Harry's partying days still remains. While the world knows how Prince Harry's own love story turned out, they may not be as familiar with the current lives of his ex-girlfriends. What are they up to today? Did Prince Harry's ex-girlfriends get their own happily ever afters? Here is where some of Prince Harry's former flames are now. 

Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend Natalie Pinkham is crushing her career as a TV presenter

Prince Harry and ex-girlfriend Natalie Pinkham may have not ended up together, but the two seem to have split amicably. As noted by Us Weekly, Pinkham and Prince Harry first met at the 1999 Rugby World Cup, and then briefly dated in 2003. After that, the two remained friendly after their short relationship ended. In 2018, a source told Vanity Fair that Prince Harry and Pinkham still talk, which is why Pinkham was reportedly "a bit surprised" not to receive an invitation to his wedding to Meghan Markle, who's undergone a stunning transformation.

So what's Pinkham up to today? According to Hello!, she's since found love with her now-husband, Owain Walbyoff. The couple have two children together, Willow and Wilf. Pinkham is a doting mother to her little ones, juggling motherhood with her successful career as a television presenter for Sky Sports F1. While Formula One racing is a male-dominated field, Pinkham told motor insurance company ERS that she is "passionate about bringing more women into the sport, both inside it and watching," adding that "it's important to show that it's a viable environment for women."

Prince Harry's alleged ex-girlfriend Cassie Sumner is keeping a low profile and focusing on her family

Cassie Sumner was never officially Prince Harry's girlfriend, although she did claim to have had an encounter with him back in 2004. As noted by the Mirror, the two met at a nightclub where Prince Harry was having a night out with friends. Sumner said that she and the royal "spent about 45 minutes together" at the nightclub, although she said she "didn't really fancy Harry." Sumner, a model, said that Prince Harry "came across as a lovely lad who was just enjoying a normal night out like any red-blooded single 19-year-old."

While Sumner enjoyed a successful career as a model in the early 2000s, she's since been leading a much quieter life. According to The Sun, she's married to soccer player Jose Fonte. And as per Sumner's Instagram bio, she is based in London as well as her husband's home country, Portugal. Her hobbies include fashion, beauty, fitness, nutrition, and travel. She regularly posts pictures of her two children and her husband on the social media platform and looks to be leading a happy life that is focused on her family.

Ellie Goulding, Prince Harry's rumored ex-girlfriend, is taking charge of her music career

It's likely that the only people who really know what happened between Prince Harry and his rumored ex-girlfriend Ellie Goulding are the singer and the royal. The famous figures were reportedly linked to each other after they were seen getting cozy at a polo match in 2016. Neither of them ever confirmed that they were anything more than friends, though. Goulding even called interviewers on The Project TV, who asked if she was having a baby with Prince Harry, "naughty, naughty people" (via the Observer).

Since her rumored fling with Prince Harry in 2016, Goulding has been focused on her career. She also got married, after being engaged to art dealer Caspar Jopling in 2019 (via BBC). While her pop star status means that she can't escape media scrutiny completely, Goulding is taking control of her image; she refuses to let past relationships, such as her rumored fling with Prince Harry, define her. As she told the Independent in July 2020, the press is still fascinated by her love life, but she prefers to be "recognized as a successful person in my own right."

Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend Mollie King is blogging about her life

While some of Prince Harry's ex-girlfriends seem to enjoy living their lives out of the limelight, Mollie King is more than happy to share details about her personal life with the public. King, a member of the girl group The Saturdays, was spotted dancing with Prince Harry in 2012. While King denied any sort of relationship with the royal for a while, she finally admitted in December of that year that they had, in fact, seen each other. The details of their relationship aren't too juicy, though. "Yes, I have met Harry, and we did go out for a drink," was all that the singer told Closer (via Digital Spy).

These days, King is less close-lipped about her personal life. On her blog, she shares with readers details about her "loves," which include "fashion, beauty, fitness and travel." In addition to blogging, King is quite busy with her career; the former pop star works as a television presenter for BBC Radio 1, and also writes a column for Marie Claire. As noted by Metro, she's been involved in an on-again, off-again relationship with cricket player Stuart Broad since 2012.

Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy's jewelry brand is thriving

Prince Harry and his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy were involved off and on from 2004 to 2011, according to People; Davy even accompanied Prince Harry to Prince William's wedding. While many thought that Davy and the prince would also get married, here's what really happened between Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy: Davy reportedly struggled with the "scary and uncomfortable" attention from the press. "I found it very difficult when it was bad," she told The Times. "I couldn't cope." The two still remained close, though. Per Vanity Fair, Davy even attended Prince Harry's wedding to Meghan Markle, although she very nearly skipped it as she was "quite emotional" about Harry moving on.

These days, Davy is thriving as the owner of Aya, an African jewelry brand which she launched in 2016. 'I'm very happy with where I am right now," she told Tatler.

Davy has plans to expand the business to include lifestyle and travel, which she calls an "organic progression." Davy, who grew up in Zimbabwe, wants to plan customized African vacations for clients. "We want to curate the trip to fit with your definition of luxury," she added.

Prince Harry's rumored ex-girlfriend Astrid Harbord founded a women's health charity

Prince Harry and his rumored ex-girlfriend Astrid Harbord's relationship is one that may only exist in the tabloids. While the pair have been friends for some time, it's uncertain if they ever had a real romance — or if they simply enjoyed partying together. 

According to Hello!, Harbord is a friend of Kate Middleton, who's undergone a stunning transformation. Harbord was romantically involved with Prince Harry in 2009, while the royal was broken up with Chelsy Davy. That year, Prince Harry and Harbord were reportedly seen returning to his apartment after a night out. While being spotted together was enough to fuel relationship rumors, Harbord and Prince Harry were never officially a couple, although it's possible that they dated secretly.

Since her days partying with Prince Harry, Harbord has become quite the success. As noted by The Deck London, Harbord went on to serve as the director of membership and partnerships for The Birley Clubs, a group of exclusive London clubs. Harbord is also the co-founder of the Lady Garden Foundation, a women's health charity dedicated to "raising awareness and funding for gynecological health."

Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend Caroline Flack has unfortunately passed away

Prince Harry's relationship with his ex-girlfriend Caroline Flack didn't last long. As noted by Cosmopolitan, the pair were introduced in 2009, but a press assault on Flack doomed their budding romance. As Flack revealed in her memoir, Storm in a C Cup, the media went into a frenzy tearing her apart, describing her as "Harry's bit of rough."

Flack later later got involved with another famous Harry, One Direction's Harry Styles. Again, she was criticized by the media because she was 31, while Styles was 17. Years after that relationship ended, Flack was again slammed by the press after she allegedly assaulted her boyfriend. Sadly, as she was awaiting trial in February 2020, Flack passed away; the Love Island star's cause of death was later revealed. Many blamed the press for Flack's death, saying that their harsh treatment of her led her to take her own life. "She lived every mistake publicly under the scrutiny of the media," said Flack's friend, Laura Whitmore, on her radio show (via CNN).

If you or anyone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline​ at​ 1-800-273-TALK (8255)​.

Camilla Romestrand, Prince Harry's rumored ex-girlfriend, has two beautiful kids

In October of 2010, Prince Harry was linked to rumored ex-girlfriend Camilla Romestrand, the singer of the band Eddie the Gun. As noted by Vanity Fair, Prince Harry's involvement with Romesetrand came after he split with Chelsy Davy. While the pair don't seem to have been that serious, it's possible that this is due to Romestrand's public image. As the outlet pointed out, her band's MySpace page showed the singer giving the middle finger — something the royal family likely would not approve of.

Prince Harry's relationship with Romestrand was never confirmed by the royal or the singer, so it's uncertain how long they were together, if they ever even really dated. According to InStyle, a few months after they were romantically linked, Prince Harry was again seen with Chelsy Davy at Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding.

These days, Romestrand lives a much quieter life than she'd have as a royal, but she seems to be quite happy. Romestrand has two beautiful kids, and frequently posts pictures of them on Instagram, where she describes herself as a musician and a vegan chef.

Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend Florence Brudenell-Bruce is now a mom and a skilled potter

Prince Harry and his ex-girlfriend Florence Brudenell-Bruce had a whirlwind romance in 2011. The couple got together shortly after Prince Harry split from Chelsy Davy, but the relationship didn't last long. A source told Mirror that the royal broke up with Brudenell-Bruce, a lingerie model, after a couple of months; he was focused on his military career and was expecting to be sent to Afghanistan. According to the source, Prince Harry didn't "want to be tied down in a relationship when training." However, another source told the outlet that Brudenell-Bruce was the one to dump Prince Harry, alleging that the model believed the royal "had a wandering eye all the time."

Brudenell-Bruce is doing quite well for herself. According to Hello! magazine, she married millionaire Henry St. George in 2013; she'd been involved with St .George since 2008, although the two briefly split up in 2011. After Brudenell-Bruce's relationship with Prince Harry ended, she got back together with St. George. The couple have two children together. Brudenell-Bruce is also a potter and has competed on The Great Pottery Throw Down, as noted by the Daily Mail.

Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas married a different Harry

Prince Harry and his ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas were so serious that many people thought they'd eventually tie the knot. Bonas was involved with the royal for two years, after being introduced by Prince Harry's cousin, Princess Eugenie, who's undergone a stunning transformation

Bonas and Prince Harry were quite into one another, but Bonas reportedly ended the relationship in 2014 because she didn't want to live with the constant public scrutiny that comes with royal life. Bonas revealed to The Daily Telegraph in 2020 that she has long struggled with a "fear of rejection" and "of not being perfect," which may have contributed to the breakup.

Since Bonas and Harry split, though, Bonas said she has learned "not to sweat the small stuff too much." The pair remained on good terms, with Bonas even attending Prince Harry's 2018 wedding to Meghan Markle. Today, Bonas is a successful actress with a number of roles under her belt. She's also married to a man named Harry, albeit one who is not a royal: Bonas tied the knot with estate agent Harry Wentworth-Stanley in an intimate ceremony in July of 2020.

Prince Harry's rumored ex-girlfriend Jenna Coleman portrayed a royal after they broke up

Actress Jenna Coleman is another celebrity who may or may not be one of Prince Harry's ex-girlfriends. The pair were briefly linked in 2015 after being spotted together at a polo party. In spite of a source telling Mirror that nothing happened between the two and that "they were just two young people on a night out chatting," rumors still persisted that sparks flew between Prince Harry and Coleman. Further gossip alleged that the reason the pair didn't get together was because of their conflicting schedules.

Whether or not Coleman and Prince Harry did fall for each other is something that the public may never know for certain. What we do know is that since the press linked the two together, Coleman's career has been thriving. While she may not have become a princess, she did become a queen — at least on television. Among the many roles Coleman has taken on since her rumored fling with Prince Harry is that of Queen Victoria on the show Victoria. "I love it," she told PBS of the role. "I feel very rooted with her."

Prince Harry's alleged ex-girlfriend Juliette Labelle's acting career has taken off

In early 2016, tabloids reported that Prince Harry was seeing ex-girlfriend Juliette Labelle, a PR assistant and aspiring American actress. A source told E! News that the pair met through a friend and had a date on New Year's. While the two never officially became a couple, they reportedly maintained contact for a while after their alleged date, although the rumored relationship seems to have fizzled out shortly thereafter. 

Since Labelle and the royal were supposedly romantically linked, she's gone from an aspiring actress to a bona fide star. She's played a variety of roles, including in films such as Nighthawks and Now Is Everything, and on the television shows Really It's Rita and 365 Days of Love.

Labelle isn't just crushing it in her career, but she's also thriving in her personal life. In May of 2020, Labelle announced that she's "going to be a mom... FINALLY" on Instagram; she posted a picture of herself and her partner, model Miles Garber, showing off her baby bump.

Prince Harry's rumored ex-girlfriend Sarah Ann Macklin is a nutritionist

Things between Prince Harry and rumored ex-girlfriend Sarah Ann Macklin didn't get too serious, but they did reportedly go out on a few dates. Prince Harry is believed to have been secretly seeing Macklin in June and July of 2016 — around the same time he began seeing his future wife, Meghan Markle. Prince Harry is said to have met Macklin, a model, at a party where he got her phone number. A source told the Daily Mail that the alleged romance "eventually fizzled out," and the royal's relationship with Markle turned serious soon after.

Per Macklin's Instagram bio, she's still modeling but is also a nutritionist. She hosts a podcast called Live Well, Be Well, and is also the founder of the Be Well Collective which, per its website, "is a charitable initiative that aims to bring nutritional education and mental health coaching to the world of fashion models."

In addition to her work as a nutritionist and model, Macklin is a public speaker on nutrition, and gives talks at festivals and events in the U.K. (per Qnola).