The True Story Of 90 Day Fiance's Alan And Kirlyam

TLC's hit show 90 Day Fiancé is known for bringing the drama. Remember Jesse storming out because Darcey suggested he cut their steak on the bias (via YouTube)? Or Yolanda's painfully slow realization that Williams was a catfish (via YouTube)? Something good is always going down. But on the first season of the show, we met quite possibly the sweetest couple on earth, Alan and Kirlyam. These two were a delight to watch and they survived the show nearly unscathed. Nearly.

Alan, from Los Angeles, California, and Kirlyam, from Goiânia, Brazil, were married in a Mormon temple. They honeymooned in Hawaii, where they promptly traded in their V-cards (via Reality TV World). Could anyone suppress a smile when cute, lovable Alan said, "We've waited so long to be together and tonight the wedding's over. So ... we can do what married people do." (via YouTube). 

Today, Alan and Kirlyam Cox are one of the few 90 Day Fiancé couples that are still together. And, they've had a baby. According to People, on October 6, 2017, after 20 hours of labor, Kirlyam and Alan welcomed a son, Liam Jordan da Costa Cox, into the world. Although the two seem to have found their happily ever after, they've had their fair share of bad times, too.  

The timing of Alan and Kirlyam's romance was misunderstood

The drama for Alan and Kirlyam started when they shared their love story with the world. Their age difference and the timing of their romance seemed to spark suspicion in some viewers. The two met for the first time when Alan was on a mission trip in Brazil and befriended Kirlyam's family (via In Touch). Alan was 20 years old — and Kirlyam was 12. Their actual romance didn't begin until eight years later, though, when Alan returned to Brazil for a friend's wedding, and the two reconnected. Unfortunately, not all of these details were made clear on the show and fans labeled Alan a "creep." Some even called Alan "gross" and claimed he targeted Kirlyam, waiting for her to come of age before marrying her (via Reddit).

Well, the couple responded in 2018 with a video laying out the timing of their relationship (via YouTube). They explained that, while they did meet when Kirlyam was 12 and Alan was 20, there was nothing romantic between them until much later. Alan said, "We want to make this very clear. There was no romantic relation at all when I was on my mission and anyone who thinks that or led to believe that — cause we never said that — it's absolutely, completely bull****" (via Heavy). Well, that settles that. And, it's clear from the video's comments that Alan and Kirlyam remain a fan favorite and are still #couplegoals.