This Easter Egg In Elizabeth Warren's DNC Speech Has Everyone Talking

Elizabeth Warren was one of the most anticipated speakers at the Democratic National Convention, and the Massachusetts Senator did not disappoint. Initially considered one of Biden's toughest 2020 Democratic primary rivals, and also one of his harshest bankruptcy policy critics, she has in recent months actually been working with his campaign on economic policy matters, and presidential candidate Biden, has been listening. With frequent talks between Warren and her former aides, the Biden campaign has adopted many of her proposals on bankruptcy reform, student loans, and even climate change (via CNN). 

Her speech Wednesday night focused mostly on the COVID-19 pandemic, and, what she deemed, was President Trump's failed response. She emphatically stated, "This crisis is bad — and didn't have to be this way. This crisis is on Donald Trump and the Republicans who enable him. On Nov. 3, we hold them all accountable (via HuffPost)." 

In true Elizabeth Warren fashion, however, it was what she didn't say that caused the biggest response from viewers, both fans and critics.

Look closely in the background for Elizabeth Warren's message

With speeches kept brief, and most pre-recorded for social distancing purposes, the virtual DNC did not give Elizabeth Warren much time to address the public. It just so happens that one of her best attributes is her effective communication style, which is described as direct and easy to understand (via CNN). She knows how to get her point across without talking in circles, or in the case of her speech last night, without talking at all. 

Warren taped her speech in a classroom at the Early Childhood Education Center in Springfield, Massachusetts, and on the children's bookshelf behind her, spelled out in toy block letters was "BLM (via NY Post). She didn't mention the Black Lives Matter movement in her words, but she showed her support, anyway. Needless to say, social media noticed, and Twitter blew up. There's even an alternate shot that shows the letters "DBFH," a nod to her campaign slogan, "Dream Big Fight Hard," and the numbers "320" referencing March 2020 when she ended her campaign for president (via Huffington Post). Elizabeth Warren just schooled the pop culture world on how to drop some real easter eggs!