The Truth About Cory Booker And Rosario Dawson's Relationship

They say politics make for strange bedfellows. No idea if the same is true for politicians, but some of them do manage to parlay their celebrity status into snagging A-list dates and mates. Sandra Lee and NY gov Andrew Cuomo, Jane Fonda and California senator Tom Hayden (via People), Elizabeth Taylor and Virginia senator John Warner (also via People), and California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and himself (although his wife, Maria Shriver, also came from a political family).

Of all the politics-meets-showbiz relationships currently going on, the most high-profile one is probably that of New Jersey senator and former presidential candidate Cory Booker with Rosario Dawson. Booker and Dawson have been TMZ official (it's like Facebook official for famous people) since March of 2019 and made their Instagram debut as a couple one month later, although Oprah says they've actually been dating since October 2018.

Booker and Dawson are taking things to a new level

While Mr. Booker won't be moving into the White House next January, he will be making a big move in his relationship. Coming up on two years of togetherness, he and Dawson are finally committing to living together, according to InStyle. Shockingly enough, Dawson is the one who'll be making the ultimate sacrifice by agreeing to relocate to Newark, but Booker's Garden State supporters are undoubtedly relieved to know their man's not going to bail out to become yet another California carpetbagger. It must be true love, that's for sure, especially as the Booker/Dawson relationship was strong enough to support the fact that after Booker dropped out of the presidential race, he threw his support to Joe Biden, while Dawson was still feeling the Bern (via InStyle). Of course, now that Biden's the last Dem left standing, that's one potential relationship issue solved.

While some social media users are skeptical that the two are in a real relationship at all, with tweets like, "Does anyone believe these two are actually romantically involved with each other? Lmao" and "No. Well, no one with any damn sense," even this doesn't bother Booker and Dawson. As Dawson describes their relationship, "We're here and we're thriving... And I want that for the rest of my life."