The Hidden Meaning Behind Lady Gaga's New Hair Color

Lady Gaga just got an amazing new hair color, and there's a touching story behind it. The pop music superstar has rocked all kinds of hair colors throughout the years, from her natural brown to electric pink. Most recently, Gaga posted photos of her new, blue-tinted blonde hair to Instagram. She revealed her longtime stylist, Frederic Aspiras, named the new shade "Suzie's Ocean Blonde," after his mother who had recently passed away. Gaga's clearly feeling the color, which she called "extra special glamour with love."

Gaga's first post shows her long hair draped across her torso, but she's clearly excited to try some new styles. More recent Instagram posts show her wearing the new shade with a pink headband (via Instagram) and even matching blue eyeshadow (via Instagram).This isn't the first time Gaga has dyed her tresses blue; in 2019, she matched her locks to her pale blue gown at the Golden Globes, where she won Best Original Song.

Lady Gaga's new hair color was inspired by her stylist's mother

For Aspiras, hairdressing is in his blood. He told Fashion Week Daily, "My mother was a hairdresser. She came to America from Vietnam in the mid-'70s, and I grew up in hair salons my whole life ... She's very independent and strong, with a great business mind." As Aspiras grew up, he started helping his mother by washing hair and setting rollers, which turned into a thriving career. He clearly adored his mother, describing her as "an amazing character" who loved her work so much, she didn't retire until she was 70.

When Aspiras reposted Gaga's photo of her new hairdo, he took time to reflect on how grief was influencing his work. "Being that my Mother was my role model as a hairdresser, I'm trying my hardest to find the joy even in what I love to do the most, which is doing hair," he wrote on Instagram. Fortunately, it seems that working with Lady Gaga reminded him "what my Mom told me long ago about what I loved to do the most and that is create with love."