This Could Be Why Donald Trump Doesn't Wear A Wedding Ring

Plenty of column inches have been written about President Donald Trump's hands. We're not here to talk about that, but to discuss his wedding ring and lack thereof.

Before you jump on the president, Grazia points out that Trump isn't the first, nor will he be the last famous person to take a hard pass on a wedding ring. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, hasn't been seen with a wedding ring since he got married. Other ringless celebrities include Prince Phillip, Will Smith, former British Prime Minister David Cameron, Beyoncé and Jay Z.

Unlike the president, who has offered no explanations for his ringless state, palace aides offered an explanation as to why Kate Middleton's husband has opted to go without. "He's [Prince William is] not one for jewelry,' explained a Palace aide. 'He's never worn any. He decided he didn't want to wear one now. It's all down to personal preference" (via Marie Claire). Though Trump hasn't really addressed his lack of a wedding ring, we're guessing his reason for avoiding one comes down to personal preference, too.

As Massachusetts-based etiquette expert Jodi Smith said, "Whether or not a groom chooses to wear his ring is a decision he and his new bride should decide together. It is not as if wearing a wedding ring provides any sort of guaranteed insurance of fidelity from either spouse. The ring is truly symbolic. Some couples place more value on this symbolism than others" (via Live Science).

President Trump may not wear a ring because its inconvenient

Much of that preference comes down to convenience. "For a lot of guys, it's a nuisance. To them, it gets in the way of typing, or holding a golf club, or wielding a remote," editor-in-chief of, Ky Henderson, told Cosmopolitan. "He asked you to marry him, still married you after you went a little nuts planning the wedding, and now lives with you—in his mind, he's more than proven his devotion to you. A hunk of metal on his finger won't enhance that."

But New York-based psychotherapist Jeanne Safer seems to think there is more to it than choice. "I think they're making a statement by not wearing one. It may unconsciously signal availability for adultery, either actually or in fantasy," she told The New York Times of Trump and others who opt out of the band game.

You'd be right to wonder about the lack of a wedding ring when you look at a man's fingers and see a tan line where the ring should be sitting, instead of a ring itself. Trump's ring finger doesn't have this tan, despite his love for a regular round of golf at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida (via Golf News Net). "What you should worry about is a guy who usually wears a wedding ring, but takes it off at times when you're not around — bachelor parties, nights out with buddies, etcetera," Henderson says. "If you see a bare ring finger in pictures, that's not a great sign."