Julianne Moore's Daughter Has Grown Up To Be Her Twin

Julianne Moore's daughter has grown up to be her twin. With her Celtic good looks, undeniable talent on the screen, and down-to-earth approach to living as a Hollywood star, Julianne Moore has a long list of amazing qualities. She's known for her exceptional acting in films such as Far From Heaven, Magnolia, A Single Man, The Big Lebowski, and Children of Men, amongst many others (via IMDb). As of 2020, Moore has racked up an impressive five Oscar nominations, and brought home the Best Actress trophy in 2015 for her work in Still Alice.


While Moore has pretty much become a household name, the actress' family is a little less well-known. Moore is married to filmmaker Bart Freundlich, with whom she has two children: Caleb and Liv (via The Guardian). As Liv has grown up, she's become more and more like her mother. In fact, with her striking, flame-red hair and her super sweet personality, Liv is more like Moore's twin than her daughter!

Julianne Moore's wished came true when she had her daughter in 2002

Julianne Moore had her first child, Caleb Freundlich, in 1997 with her partner, Bart Freundlich. Then, in 2002, Moore gave birth to her daughter, Liv Freundlich. As Moore told The Guardian in 2008, having a boy and a girl was what she'd always dreamed of. "I always tell my little girl that I can remember lying in the bathtub when I was pregnant, and I say, I wished and wished for a girl and got her," she shared. 


By the sounds of things, Liv was a literal dream come true for Moore from the very beginning. That sentiment was repeated when Moore took to Instagram on Liv's 18th birthday, referring to her in the caption as "the daughter that I dreamed of." It's so touching how special Liv seems to be to her mom!

In 2003, one year after her daughter's birth, Moore and her partner were married. As she explained to The Guardian, there was only one reason Moore legally tied the knot. "I had a therapist who said marriage is really a container for a family and that made sense to me," she explained.

Julianne Moore's daughter has been mixing and mingling with stars her whole life

As the daughter of a megastar like Julianne Moore, it's no surprise that Liv Freundlich has been surrounded by members of the Hollywood elite for her entire life. As Hello! pointed out, plenty of Moore's famous friends, including Rita Wilson and Helena Christensen — here's what the supermodel looks like today – seem close with the family based on their Instagram interactions. 


But from what we can glean, Freundlich has been interacting with celebs for a long time. In 2016, for example, she and her mom were spotted at a Ralph Lauren fashion show, sitting next to none other than Rosie Huntingdon-Whitley, Annabelle Wallis, and Jessica Alba, who you don't hear from anymore — definitely not normal companions for a high school student!

Despite her frequent brushes with Hollywood royalty, Freundlich was raised to be as normal as possible. As Moore told The Daily Telegraph, "[My kids] live a regular life. I make breakfast for them, my husband drives them to school and we all go to basketball games." We love how much Moore kept her daughter grounded, despite being raised among the rich and famous!


Julianne Moore's daughter inspired her mom to take a stand against gun violence

When Liv Freundlich was still a young girl, she inspired Julianne Moore to take a public stand on an important political issue: gun violence. "When the Sandy Hook shooting happened on December 14, 2012, my daughter was 10 and was coming to work with me on a movie set," the actress explained in an interview with People. "I asked hair, makeup, crew, and other actors, 'Please don't mention this to her.'" Apparently, Moore had hoped to explain the horrific incident to her daughter later on. 


However, Freundlich had a monitored Instagram account at the time, and since someone had already posted about the shooting, she learned about it that way instead. Moore recalled that Freundlich had asked, "Mommy, did a bunch of little kids get shot today?" This incident made Moore realize that she couldn't protect her daughter from the news — so instead, she decided to "get involved."

By the looks of things, both Freundlich and Moore have continued to be involved in their campaign against gun violence; the pair marched for the cause in 2019, as noted by Moore's Instagram.

Julianne Moore and her daughter worked together on a book

In 2007, Julianne Moore wrote an illustrated children's book based on her once-loathed childhood nickname: Freckleface Strawberry. The next year, Moore spoke to The Guardian about how she modeled the protagonist of the sequel after her daughter. "She is much spunkier than I was," she revealed.


Liv Freundlich got even more involved with the project a few years later. As Moore explained to People, when her daughter was 11 years old, she ended up narrating the voice of Freckleface Strawberry in the app adaptation of the book. "She did such a great job as the voice," Moore gushed. She went on to explain that Freundlich comes across as "approachable" because she's a "real little girl" instead of an adult voice actor. 

Clearly Moore really did see something of herself in her young daughter, given that she tapped Freundlich to bring Freckleface Strawberry to life!

Julianne Moore's daughter is interested in fashion

Apparently, Julianne Moore's daughter has always been interested in her mom's sartorial choices, even when she was a child. Moore opened up about her daughter's innate fashion acumen in a 2015 interview with Female First, and explained how Liv Freundlich "always has an opinion" about her outfits. Moore went on to give an example: "She saw me before I left. She's like, 'I like that mama, yeah!'" Apparently, Moore was wearing an Alexander McQueen jumpsuit on this occasion — sounds like her daughter had excellent taste, even at 12 years old!


To be honest, we can't say we're surprised to learn about Freundlich's burgeoning interest in fashion. In 2014, Freundlich and her mother were spotted sitting in the front row at a Reed Krakoff show during New York Fashion Week, as noted by Hello! magazine. Talk about getting early exposure to the world of fashion!

Julianne Moore's daughter started modelling at age 14

If Liv Freundlich's bold fashion tips for her mom weren't enough proof of her interest in fashion, she also did some professional modeling when she was just 14 years old. As Julianne Moore explained to Canadian Living, Freundlich appeared in J. Crew's Fall presentation in 2017. That was thanks to Moore's friendship with, Jenna Lyons, the former creative direction and president of J. Crew. "She wanted people who were different ages and who did different things for a living to model," she explained. So Freundlich was cast in the campaign as the "young teenager."


As Moore tells it, Freundlich was super happy to appear in such a high-profile publication. And although Moore has previously said that she doesn't think children should be working, she told Canadian Living that this opportunity gave her daughter "great professional experience" and a "sense of agency." 

Freundlich was also joined by Molly Ringwald's daughter on the runway, as noted by People. She was even featured by Vogue Paris on their Instagram page for her work on the campaign!

Julianne Moore's daughter is a little more tech savvy than her mom

Most teenagers today can attest that their parents aren't quite up to speed on the latest developments in tech, and Julianne Moore's daughter is no different. In 2019, she not only proved that her tech skills are more advanced than her mom's — she also used her savvy knowledge to bail her mom out of a seriously awkward situation. 


Apparently, Moore and her husband had been discussing a friend's divorce in the car, when she accidentally recorded the conversation and queued it up to send! Mortified, Moore turned off her phone to prevent the text from going out to a friend of hers.

Fortunately, when Moore and her husband got home, Liv Freundlich was there to save the day. "So she's like, 'Put your phone in airplane mode,'" Moore explained on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. "'You can go to a place where you don't get any service and it won't send.'" Crisis averted!

Julianne Moore's daughter inherited her parents' love of film

Will Julianne Moore's daughter follow in her parents' footsteps and pursue a career in the film industry? It's possible, as in 2019, a 17-year-old Liv Freundlich made her professional debut in the world of cinema. Specifically, she was a production assistant for the film After the Wedding, which was written and directed by her father, and starred her mother. "We loved having her around more than she loved being around," Moore revealed to the Associated Press.


While Freundlich has done a bit of acting in the past — she appeared as an extra in a few of her father's other films, as noted by W magazine – the chances of her getting in front of the camera are slim. "I don't think she really knows what she wants to be yet," Moore explained to CBS This Morning. "When people ask her about acting, she's like, 'Not that.'" But who knows — maybe Freundlich will take after her father and continue to explore other roles behind the camera?

Julianne Moore's daughter became an activist like her mom

Over the years, Liv Freundlich has appeared at more and more demonstrations and marches with her her family. Her mother has been an active supporter of a wide range of causes for years, so the importance of taking a stand must have rubbed off on her.


In addition to their activism opposing gun violence, Julianne Moore and her daughter have also taken a stand against inequality. In an Instagram post featuring a photo of her and her daughter, Moore explained why she and Freundlich donned black clothing. "For equality for all across ALL industries. For safety among every worker in every occupation. For inclusion of all women and marginalized people." Moore then referenced the Time's Up Legal Defense Fund, which was created to help victims of sex and gender discrimination.

Moore also brought her daughter with her to a vigil for George Floyd, according to a post on her Instagram page.

Julianne Moore's daughter graduated from high school during the 2020 lockdown

Julianne Moore's daughter has always led a fairly regular life, thanks to her mother's commitment to normalcy. So like many other members of the Class of 2020, Liv Freundlich ended up graduating from high school virtually because of the lockdown. Moore posted a touching tribute to her daughter on Instagram to honor the occasion. "We are so proud of everything she is and everything she has accomplished," she wrote in the caption. "She is smart and brave and kind, and I can't wait to see what she does next." How adorable!


Freundlich also enjoyed a relatively normal-but-charmed high school experience. In 2016, W reported that Freundlich was a student at The Chapin School, which, as the magazine pointed out, boasts a pretty impressive alumni list that includes Ivanka Trump — who's undergone a stunning transformation — and Tricia Nixon. Prior to that, Moore's kids attended a Quaker school, according to The Guardian. As Moore told AP News in 2017, her kids "do well in school. They have a lot of friends, they have a lot of interests."

Like any Zoomer, Julianne Moore's daughter seems to love TikTok

As of 2020, TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms for Generation Z, or "Zoomers." Like much of her generational cohort, Julianne Moore's daughter also seems to be enjoying the video making app. Her account is pretty run-of-the-mill for a newly graduated high school senior; she's posted cute clips of her and her friends dancing, lip syncing, and even trying a few TikTok trends.


Liv Freundlich doesn't post about her parents often, but Moore has made a few guest appearances in her daughter's videos. In one adorablly goofy clip, we can see Freundlich, her dad, and Moore all trying to do a famous TikTok dance. Freundlich captioned the video "none of us can dance," and she isn't entirely wrong! In another hilarious video, Freundlich approaches her mom who seems amused by the camera, and even appears to pose for a photo. This family could not be any cuter!

Julianne Moore's daughter attends Northwestern University

Julianne Moore's daughter chooses to keep her Instagram page set to private, which is probably smart for a young girl with such a famous mother. Nevertheless, her profile biography is visible, and as of 2020, it reads "Northwestern '24," which indicates that Liv Freundlich is attending Northwestern University. If that wasn't enough of a clue, Julianne Moore even posted a selfie in a Northwestern hat! The university was ranked as the 17th best college by Forbes in 2019, so it's clear that Moore has raised a smart, high-achieving young woman. 


Given that Northwestern is located near Chicago, it's safe to say that Freundlich will call Illinois her home going forward. Naturally, Moore has to contend with the empty nest her daughter leaves behind. She told IO Donna, "I'm already caught up in a flood of emotions at the idea that she will leave soon!" (via the Daily Mail). She went on to explain that she has to develop a new dynamic with her husband, too, thanks to her daughter's departure.

Julianne Moore and her daughter are super close

Based on what we've discovered about their relationship, we think it's pretty clear that Liv Freundlich and her mother, Julianne Moore, are pretty much inseparable. While Freundlich attends press events with her mom, Moore also appears in Freundlich's TikTok videos. Then in February of 2020, the duo headed out to one of New York's most famous gay bars to celebrate the Academy Awards, as noted by People. Moore even referred to Freundlich as her "date" on Instagram. So cute!


In another bonding experience years before, Moore taught her daughter about body positivity — by showing her "different kinds of boobs!" As Moore explained on Chelsea Lately, she and Freundlich were at a naked spa, and Moore used the outing as a chance to teach her about the human body (via Metro). Talk about having an open relationship!

Looking back at a home video of Freundlich trying to speak her first words as a baby (posted by Freundlich's father on his Instagram page), it's clear that Moore has always had an incredibly special bond with her daughter — and always will.

There's no denying that Julianne Moore's daughter is totally her mini-me!

After everything we've learned about Julianne Moore's relationship with her daughter, we can safely say that the pair have quite a lot in common. However, what may be most striking about the duo is their undeniable resemblance. Liv Freundlich could literally be Moore's twin! From her gorgeous red hair to her beautiful smile, Freundlich definitely inherited some great genes — despite these myths about redheads you always thought were true.


Cognizant of her daughter's beauty, Moore has been careful to teach her daughter how to preserve it over the years. Woman and Home magazine reported that Moore cautioned her daughter about wearing plenty of sunscreen. And while Freundlich has developed a pretty reliable habit of doing so in the summertime, she sometimes forgets to lather up in the winter. 

Moore also told Freundlich to be hands-off about one of her best features. "I always tell my daughter, 'Don't pluck your eyebrows,'" she continued. "Hers are beautiful and I don't want her to destroy them." Sounds like Moore gives some pretty sound beauty advice, especially since so many of us pluck our eyebrows all wrong.