Body Language Expert Makes Bold Claims About Melania And Donald Trump's Relationship

When Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States back in 2017, his third wife, Melania Trump, became the country's first lady. Because of the couple's high-profile political roles, the husband and wife found themselves under more scrutiny than they had ever faced before. And due to some seemingly awkward and possibly revealing behavior by them both while in full view of the public eye, Americans have been left wondering about the true status of their relationship.


"It seems a marriage of two opposites. The gregarious, fame-seeking husband with the reserved beauty queen wife," noted Nicole Moore, a life coach and relationship expert, who was willing to give The List some exclusive insight into how Melania and Donald really feel about each other. Moore pointed out that while many might be wondering if "there [is] any love and affection between" Donald and Melania, or if "their love [has] run cold," the expert explains that "their body language reveals it all."

Melania Trump 'definitely loved' her husband 'at one point'

Melania and Donald "started dating in 1998, and got married in 2005," according to Insider, and she "definitely loved Donald ... at one point and was happy that they met," Moore claims while breaking down the pair's past for The List.


Moore points to an ABC News interview that Melania did with Barbara Walters in 2015, noting that "Melania's tone and energy changes when Barbara asks her about how she and Donald first met." The body language expert says that "she has a genuine smile and her face seems to light up," and she "also turns her head and body to Donald more, indicating that she feels like this is a shared experience with him."

"This body language clearly demonstrates that she's much [happier] about and in agreement with talking about how the two met than she is in discussing his presidency," says Moore. "The fact that she lights up when she talks about how they first met indicates that there was genuine love present when they met and the love was likely still there when Donald was campaigning for president."


However, that was then, and things seemed to seriously change when Donald became president.

Melania doesn't seem thrilled about Donald's presidency

When Melania was interviewed by Barbara Walters for ABC News in 2015, she claimed to be "very happy" that Donald was running for the presidency, even saying that she encouraged him to do so. However, according to Moore, "her body language reveals something different."


"Melania does not seem to be genuinely happy that her husband ran for president," Moore told The List. Our expert explains that "when two people are in on something together, they usually turn their bodies and faces toward each other when they are discussing it. The body naturally goes toward the partner as a way of revealing the shared emotions."

But when it comes to Melania and Donald, that's not what was happening. Moore notes that "if you notice how Melania is sitting when she says she supports her husband, she does not move closer to him at all. She turns her head, but just slightly and she doesn't look at Donald in the eyes or smile at him." This apparently tells us that it "seems as if she's more focused on saying the 'right' thing and you can tell by how rigid her body is."


Melania Trump is apparently 'lying about loving her husband'

Moore says that these days, "Melania is lying about loving her husband." While that may seem harsh, the simple reality may be that "her love faded after he became president."

"Melania's body language definitely appears to indicate that the warm affection she had for her husband when they first met appears to have faded perhaps over time but definitely as he entered into his presidency," Moore tells The List. If you want proof, consider the fact that in 2018, when Melania was "asked point-blank" by a CNN reporter if she loves her husband, she replies by saying, "Yes, we are fine." But Moore notes that "if you pay attention closely, her body language indicates differently."


"At the end of her sentence, she smiles in a way where she sucks her teeth in and nods her head a bit," our body language expert explains. "This indicates that she almost feels as if she got away with something. It's saying 'okay, I said what you wanted to hear, I hope you bought it, now let's move on to a new question.'" On the contrary, "if her love was genuine, she would have had a big smile when discussing it. ... At this point, Melania is saying she loves Donald but there's not genuine emotion behind it."

Can the same be said for Donald when it comes to his feelings for Melania?

Donald Trump still appears to be fond of Melania

Melania's feelings toward Donald may have "[grown] colder," according to Moore, however, he still "has genuine affection for Melania." Moore explained that if you look back at the couple's first dance at his inauguration, "you'll notice that Donald pulls Melania in very close at the start," which "indicates that he wants to share the precious moment with her." Beyond that, he "smiles deeply and pulls his face into hers to touch her cheek," which Moore says shows he "wants to be close to Melania."


"However, Melania keeps moving her face away" and "appears stiff in his embrace rather than pulling her body closer into his to share love and celebrate the moment," our life coach and relationship expert points out. "Her body language during the inauguration clearly shows her mixed feelings toward him ... as if the affection she once felt for him is fading and starting to be replaced by a desire to pull away." Although she does "smile brightly during one moment," and "at the end of the dance, she does reach out and touch his back, which is a sign of affection and support," Moore says that "for the majority of the clip, she's dancing with a lot of space between the two especially in between their heads."


Moore also notes that this took place "at the beginning of his presidency, of course, and she's become famous since then for rebuffing Donald's attempt to hold her hand."

Donald Trump 'takes the lead' in his marriage with Melania

"When Donald and Melania are pictured together walking or dancing, it's clear that Donald Trump takes the lead," Moore told The List. And frankly, "Melania is okay with that."

Referring to a January 2020 clip from VOA News in which the couple can be seen walking together to a waiting plane, Moore describes the fact that "the two are walking hand in hand, however, Melania walks with her body slightly behind his the entire time." Beyond that, he's "the one doing the talking and it appears as if Melania responds with short answers," which is apparently often "the case." Moore also tells us to take a look at their February 2020 visit to the Taj Mahal when Melania walked slightly behind Donald, as well as their appearance at the Saint John Paul II National Shrine in Washington in June of that same year when it appeared as if he told Melania to smile for the cameras.


"It's rare to see clips where she's the one initiating conversation with him," Moore says, explaining that their body language tells us that she "never tries to take the spotlight or walk or appear in front of her husband." And while that might not suit everyone, Melania is apparently "more than okay with him having the spotlight while she is in the background."