Celebrity Homes That Are Surprisingly Normal

Celebrities aren't exactly known for having "normal" homes. Being one of Hollywood's elite often means enjoying an unbelievably lavish lifestyle. And if you've ever wondered what living life among the rich and famous would be like, you certainly aren't alone. For countless years, the public has been intrigued by how the other half lives. Considering some celebrities living in luxe mansions worth over $30 million, it's not hard to see why so many of us love getting a glimpse inside their breathtaking homes. Just think of the jaw-dropping images of Beyonce and Jay-Z's $88 million Bel-Air mansion or Oprah Winfrey's home, which was valued at around $90 million

While most of us assume that all celebrities must live in this kind of unimaginable luxury, you may be surprised to learn that there are a few stars who have opted for slightly more modest accommodations. Want to take a peek inside these understated stars' lifestyles? Here are some of the most normal celebrity homes.

Robert Pattinson lives in a small family house in the Hollywood Hills

We all probably know Robert Pattinson as the man behind the teen vampire Edward Cullen from the Twilight films. In addition to this career-defining role, the actor has starred in other A-list films like Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Water for Elephants, and The Lost City of Z (via IMDb). With so many impressive, big-budget film credits under his belt, it's no wonder that Pattinson has accrued a seriously impressive net worth (reportedly $100 million) over the years.

With this kind of money, you'd assume the actor would be living the high life in an enviable Hollywood mansion. However, in 2014, the star defied expectations and chose to purchase a surprisingly low-key home in the Hollywood Hills.

According to Variety, Pattinson purchased the home for about $2.2 million. The 1,940-square-foot, two-bedroom house is a single-story, hacienda-style structure. It features rustic terra cotta style floors and an open-plan design. There's no doubt about it: This house is seriously charming, with its wood features, plenty of skylights, and a serene backyard pool. Nevertheless, Pattinson's home is also tiny in comparison to most celebrity homesteads.

Kesha owned a surprisingly small Venice beach cottage

Kesha came into prominence back in the 2010s with mega hits like "Tik Tok" and "We R Who We R." She has certainly earned her place on the list of most famous pop stars over the years — and her success has led to some serious riches for the young singer. Even though Kesha is an A-list celebrity, she hasn't always lived in the most lavish of accommodations.

Back in 2015, the star put her home on the market — and the simplicity and modesty of it all was pretty shocking! According to the Los Angeles Times, the star had been living in the quaint Venice, California bungalow for a year. The home was built in 1926, and had a charming rustic vibe, with a terra cotta walkway, stucco arches, and three bedrooms. While the $1.8 million home might be classified as a dream cottage for some, this little home was certainly a surprisingly normal choice for a star like Kesha.

Jennifer Lawrence lived in an understated condo in Santa Monica

Jennifer Lawrence became a massive star overnight after being cast in both the X-Men and The Hunger Games franchises. By 2018, Lawrence has earned an impressive four Oscar nominations and has racked up a seriously impressive net worth — a staggering $130 million as of 2020. Despite the star's jaw-dropping earnings, her modest tastes led her to live in a relatively small condo during some of her most successful years.

According to Variety, the star lived in the modest space until 2016, when she sold it for $1.15 million — a pretty low price considering Forbes had named her the world's highest paid actress in both 2015 and 2016. Looking at the real estate listing for the home, what immediately stands out are the pictures of the low ceilings and small kitchen. Nevertheless, she made it work — for a time.

Once Lawrence offloaded this modest home in 2016, she quickly moved onto bigger and better things. Later that same year, the star purchased a stunning New York City penthouse for $15.45 million — talk about an upgrade!

Elijah Wood calls this charming Victorian house home

Elijah Wood has become something of a household name over the years thanks to his successful acting career. His role as Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings franchise earned him worldwide fame — but he's appeared in countless other films over the years too. You would probably expect someone like Wood to live like a king in a sprawling estate. As it turns out, Wood's tastes are a little different; it seems he prefers the Hobbit lifestyle in real life.

In 2013, the actor chose to settle down in a breathtaking Victorian home in Austin, Texas that, according to the Daily Mail, set him back only $1 million. The classic house is undeniably stunning, with tall ceilings, a large porch, tall windows, and marble countertops. However, this house is a lot more normal than we're used to seeing owned by Hollywood's richest of the rich.

Zooey Deschanel lived in a 1930s rancher

Zooey Deschanel is sometimes credited as being the OG "manic pixie dream girl." The actor is best known for portraying Jess in New Girl, and Summer in 500 Days of Summer — with her cute bangs, her penchant for the ukulele, and her adorable sense of style, the star has always been thought of as a little quirky and, well, different. As it turns out, her quirkiness extends to her taste in homes. In 2015, the star was reported to be selling her Hollywood Hills ranch house for around $2.2 million. According to Trulia.com, she purchased the space from Mark Ruffalo in 2009.

As soon as images of the cute little home hit the internet, people were quick to notice that it was shockingly normal. The house boasted rustic chic features like exposed wood ceiling beams, French doors, well-tended gardens, and — in true Deschanel style — plenty of bold splashes of color. With six bedrooms and six bathrooms, most people would think this home was an absolute dream. But for a star like Deschanel, it was certainly an unassuming choice.

Melissa McCarthy rents out her adorable bungalow

Who doesn't love Melissa McCarthy of Gilmore Girls and Bridesmaids fame? The hilarious star has been in the acting business for decades after getting her start in the '90s. Since then, she's proven herself to be one of Hollywood's most talented and versatile stars, earning herself two Oscar nominations for two vastly different roles.

Despite her mega stardom, it may surprise you to learn that McCarthy's home in Los Angeles is actually fairly modest in comparison to the homes of some of her peers. According to HGTV, the actor owns a 2,167-square-foot bungalow, which was built in the 1939. Per the report, she purchased the home in 2009 for just $780,000!

With its interesting light fixtures, large windows, marble countertops, Roman-style columns, walk-in closet, wallpapered interiors, and French doors, the home could pass for an upscale family home as opposed to a celebrity compound. In fact, as it turns out, the home could be yours for $10,000 a month, as McCarthy is renting out the space, as of this writing.

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard used to live in a quaint Brooklyn townhouse

Actors Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard have been a couple since 2001. When two A-listers get together, most people may have expected them to combine their riches to purchase a gigantic mansion in Hollywood. However, this pair opted for an elegant Brooklyn brownstone townhouse.

In 2019, the stars put the charming home on the market for $4.6 million — but first, they let Architectural Digest take a look inside. According to the publication, the interior of the house was renovated by architect Elizabeth Roberts and designer John Erik Karkula.

The home is decidedly bohemian, complete with wood-burning fireplaces, hardwood floors, a music room, exposed brick walls, modern art, and other chic decor. While this stunning home would probably be a dream house for most of us, this house is actually pretty normal for a couple of Hollywood movie stars — especially with its price tag. For the super elite, a house under $5 million is pretty much a steal.

Christina Ricci owned a shockingly modest home in L.A.

Back in her heyday, Christina Ricci was an incredibly prominent actress. She's probably still best known for her performance as Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family, although throughout the '90s, she made several big film appearances. As of 2020, her net worth sits at a more-than-comfortable $18 million. Surprisingly, her low-key lifestyle hasn't always matched her exorbitant wealth. In 2014, she sold her home for just $1.37 million. And as Forbes noted at the time, she actually lost money (over $100,000) in the sale.

So, what was Ricci's relatively inexpensive house like? Well, as the real estate listing shows, it was shockingly simple and ordinary. The house has what appears to be standard height ceilings, an unassuming kitchen, a small pool, and few interesting features. It's not a bad house by any means, but it's not too surprising that Ricci struggled to make a profit on the house.

In 2015, the actor purchased another "normal" house, this time a three-bedroom in Brooklyn, New York, for the relatively low price of $1.95 million. Talk about living modestly!

Keira Knightley purchased a cute London townhouse

Keira Knightley is probably one of the best known British actresses around — and has been for a while. Whether you know her from Pride and Prejudice, Pirates of the Caribbean, Love Actually, or Atonement, you've almost certainly come across her on the big screen. The two-time Oscar nominee has definitely earned enough over the years to settle down in a palatial home anywhere in the world. And yet, the star chose to live in a run-of-the-mill London townhouse with her husband James Righton

The five-bedroom house is located in the trendy area of Canonbury. Looking at a few images of the home, the couple clearly has bohemian, artistic tastes. The house has a haphazard, chaotic feel with lots of color, art, and books — certainly a far cry from the luxurious monochromatic style that is popular with most of Hollywood's elite. According to the listing, the house is three stories tall and includes a basement. Despite its many luxurious features, though, this house is relatively mundane for such a well-known actress!

Saoirse Ronan lived with housemates years after becoming famous

Since her days as a child actor, Saoirse Ronan has quickly risen through the ranks of A-list actors to become a top star of her generation (via Evening Standard). As of this writing, the actress has an estimated net worth of $7 million. Most people in Ronan's position would probably splurge on a gigantic home, but the actor instead opted for a much more normal lifestyle. According to The Independent, Ronan wanted to experience life with housemates in London while she was still young. It's so cool that this superstar chose to live a more regular life in spite of her spectacular wealth and extraordinary circumstances.

However, in 2014, Ronan splashed out on a more permanent residence in London's Notting Hill, according to The Times. The star's house has four bedrooms and 400 square meters (about 4,300 square feet) of living space. We love how grounded and rational this star seems to be about her living situations. How many other A-list celebrities would voluntarily settle in with roommates after starring in films alongside some of the world's biggest stars?

Lena Dunham lived in a relatively understated Los Angeles family home

When Lena Dunham's HBO series Girls first hit our screens in 2012, it was instantly clear that Dunham had a hit on her hands. Dunham ended up receiving several Emmy and Golden Globe Award nominations for her writing and performance on the show. Despite developing a complex reputation, there's no denying that this woman is a bona fide star; she reportedly has a net worth of $12 million! And what is she doing with all that cash? Well, one thing's for certain — she's not splurging it all on expensive properties.

In 2015, Dunham bought a charming 2,500-square-foot, three-bedroom home in Los Angeles, according to TMZ. The house, which Dunham resided in until 2018, is surprisingly mundane. The bungalow has an open plan design, hardwood floors throughout, and built-in bookcases. While this delightful Hollywood home is certainly impressive, it's hardly what we'd expect from a star like Dunham!

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds live in a charming rural home in New York

Blake Lively sprang to fame in Gossip Girl, the show that gave us all a glimpse into the lives of New York City's super rich. Nevertheless, Blake Lively and her husband, Ryan Reynolds of Deadpool and X-Men fame, seem to have a slightly more relaxed attitude to wealth in real life. Despite having a net worth of around $30 million and $150 million respectively, Lively and Reynolds are apparently remarkably reserved when it comes to their real estate investments.

As Variety reported 2012, the couple purchased a lovely home in Pound Ridge, New York for about $2.5 million. For these two superstars, this price tag is pretty inconsequential!

The house — or "farm" as Reynolds calls it — is a far cry from the Hollywood mansion we would expect. With quaint river views, horseback riding, historic features, and local restaurants, the couple seems to enjoy a peaceful, laidback life in this adorable family home.

Amy Schumer used to live in a totally run-of-the-mill NYC apartment

Amy Schumer is widely regarded as one of America's funniest comedians. Despite her wild popularity and success, the star hasn't always lived in the lap of luxury. The Inside Amy Schumer star sold her New York City apartment in 2015, which HuffPost regarded as "refreshingly simple." With only one bedroom, the Upper West Side apartment was certainly on the simple side.

Judging by the real estate listing images of the charming home, its rooms were pretty small — especially the galley kitchen, which could easily be found in a student home. Of course, this is New York City we're talking about so the size isn't necessarily anything out of the ordinary.

While Schumer's excellent taste in interior design helped to make the apartment a home, it hardly resembles a celeb pad. Unsurprisingly, the star went on to purchase a significantly larger penthouse for $12 million in 2016. Sounds like she got her much overdue upgrade!

Nicky Hilton once called this simple house in L.A. home

The Hiltons are known for being one of the world's richest families. The hotel moguls have actually been around for over a hundred years. These days, Paris Hilton and sister Nicky Hilton are perhaps the most widely known figures in the family. While Nicky may not be quite as famous as her sister Paris, the businesswoman, model, socialite, and heiress has plenty of her own cash — $50 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

We would never imagine any of the Hiltons to live in anything but a palace — which is why Nicky's old Sunset Strip home, which she moved into back in 2007, made our jaws drop. When the unassuming house was placed on the market in 2012, it hardly looked fit for American royalty like Nicky Hilton. With just three bedrooms and 4,072 square feet, the house is large but arguably pretty average at first glance. Complete with low ceilings, dated wallpaper, and tacky furniture, it's hard to imagine this home could've ever been the house of a Hilton!