The Most Incredible TikTok Homes You'll Ever See

Even if you're not on TikTok, well, you've probably still seen TikTok videos, which have gone absolutely viral both on and off the platform and across social media outlets. Choreographed dances (that, mind you, look much easier than they are to follow), quick-and-dirty fashion advice, seemingly miraculous skincare routines, belly-aching pranks... TikTok is full of killer content. And one of the trends that has taken the world by storm is the TikTok home tour.

If you happen to live in a tricked-out airstream or, like, a spaceship, then you can probably dive deep into the rabbit hole of TikTok's home tours without too much envy. But if you don't, consider yourself warned: The glass-roofed mansions, at-home basketball courts, room-sized marble showers, and breathtaking views of well-known landmarks may induce some serious jealousy. Still, they're nice to look at and dream about visiting. 

Without further ado, here are some of the most fabulous TikTok homes.

This TikTok home features a hidden climbing wall and indoor slide

Everyone has something in their home that they or their friends think is really cool. For most of us — those of us who didn't grow up in multimillion-dollar castles — it's usually something like a hidden closet, a spinning pantry shelf, or an upstairs shoot that sends your laundry load down to the basement so you don't have to lug it yourself. But for other people, like TikTok's Julia Graef (@iamjuliarachel), it's a secret slide hidden in an unassuming kitchen cabinet. She shared a video of her home's slide on TikTok, explaining, "We bought this house from a family with [four] little boys. Just thought I'd show you my favorite part of the house." It's our favorite part of the house, too, and we haven't even seen the rest of the property.

What's more, the slide spits out into a room complete with an awesome rock climbing wall. The rest of the house looks quite nice, too, with marble countertops and stunning hardwood floors in the kitchen. While those are surely great, it's that slide that really makes this house an incredible TikTok home.

This TikTok home boasts a cool bridge to nowhere and other interesting details

Floor-to-ceiling windows are a luxury for many people. A balcony with panoramic views or a deck to dine on as the sun sets — that's even better. But a bridge that leads from your house to nothing but a sprawling view of green trees and water along the horizon... that's just unheard of. Well, for most of us. Not for TikTok's Izzy (@isabellaaeileen). 

Izzy shared a few rad features of her home, including a floating fireplace, a rock climbing wall, and a rotating clothing rack like the kind you see at the dry cleaner's and always wished you could have in your own closet. But the best bit of her home is-, by far, the "bridge to nowhere," as she calls it. It's a walking path that extends from her house to... nowhere in particular. It just comes to an end.

The exterior of the house looks like it'd contain some pretty fun features. It's gray with bright yellow accents, which makes it look like a cool futuristic home.

This incredible TikTok home has an indoor basketball court and so much more

TikTok users are not only sharing their own homes on the platform; they're also giving tours of their friends' houses (hopefully with their friends' parents' permission). TikTok's Isabelle (@dababyfanclub) posted a jaw-dropping video of her best friend's house on the platform. The TikTok home tour video, which is captioned, "Best friend rich check!" (which is a thing people are saying these days thanks to TikTok's @jordynfrost, as noted by Curbed), features her friend's absolute stunner of a home.

We're talking a marble-filled kitchen, a full-sized basketball court with a balcony overlooking it, and a gym with all the weights and machines you could ever need. There's also a comfy movie theater complete with leather lounges and a big screen, a room full of the fanciest bunk beds we've ever seen, and a game room with a ping pong table. Isabelle's rich friend could probably throw some really fun parties at that decked-out house. 

A room in this TikTok home is basically an aquarium

It's not unheard of to have a fish tank in your house. Tons of people have fish tanks, and most have small fish like gold fish and guppies inside. Sometimes you'll even find someone with a rainbow fish.

It is, however, unheard of to have a huge aquarium in your home. That's what TikTok's Jade Rasif (@jaderasif) has in hers — a room-sized aquarium, which she generously calls a "monster fish tank." It's full of nearly everything you could imagine: giant pacu, alligator gars, paroon sharks, and more. They're all just casually swimming around on full display in the room, where Jade and her family and friends can sit on comfy-looking couches and soak up the view.

The aquarium (we refuse to call it a fish tank) makes us wonder what else this TikTok home has to offer. The TikTok user spent her birthday floating 100 feet over Dubai with a private chef, according to another one of her TikTok videos, so we imagine she's got it pretty good.

The basement arcade in this TikTok home has all the pinball machines you could ever want

A lot of kids these days grow up with a PlayStation or an Xbox, as well as smartphones. Gaming is a big part of kid culture, and they're getting into it pretty young nowadays. But it's one thing to have your own gaming console and another thing entirely to have a basement dedicated to gaming. TikTok's Reilly (@reillyberk) has just that in her house. That's right — she said her "favorite room in the house" is the downstairs game room. In a viral video, she shared on TikTok, she turned the knob of a plain white door that opened up to a whole other world.

A colorfully carpeted set of stairs led viewers down what felt like Music Row with photos of famous artists on the walls. Ultimately, when you reach the bottom, you're in a room filled with game machines. We've never seen so many pinball machines in one house! We bet you could lock yourself in that room for days and still never get tired of pinball, as you're spoiled with choices of games to play. What a fun TikTok home!

This TikTok home has a smart kitchen that helps you cook

There are a huge amount of smart kitchen devices out there — from smart Wi-Fi instant pots and air fryers to automatic pan stirrers and top-of-the-line coffee machines. One of the coolest ones we've seen, though, is the cooking device in the home of TikTok user Anya (@anyastevens). Can't cook to save your life? No problem! You'll be a professional chef in Anya's kitchen thanks to what she calls "literally the only cooking device you will ever need": a Thermomix from Vorwerk. In all fairness, this device really does look like it could be the saving grace for all of us wannabe chefs who need a lot of help whipping up a dish.

Anya's kitchen gadget totally makes her home one we want to cook in. All you have to do is search whatever it is that you feel like cooking up at home that day, and it tells you exactly how to do it. This gadget makes us curious about what other funky features Anya's kitchen has — not to mention what's in the rest of this TikTok home!

This TikTok home has a kitchen that makes your coffee for you

Imagine not having to walk all the way across the kitchen to make your own coffee in a traditional coffeemaker (as if that's not easy enough). Then not having to take out the carton of milk, open the cap, and pour it in your coffee cup before having to walk all the way back to the fridge, close the carton of milk, and put it back. You could save so much time if your finished drink just came out of a faucet instead, right? OK, we know what you're thinking: That's ridiculous, and it also sounds gross. Well, it may be ridiculous, but it's not as gross as it sounds. At least, it doesn't look as gross as it sounds. You can check out this kind of setup in a video posted by TikTok user Tiss (@tissvandongen). 

Tiss has a kitchen faucet just for making coffee beverages. You can choose what kind of caffeinated delight you'd like to kickstart your day with by selecting it on a nearby tablet, and the drink is made right there at the sink. But that's not the only thing that makes Tiss' kitchen great. We also love the clean white cabinets and the doors leading outside. This TikTok home looks like an ideal place to wake up in each morning.

The luxurious bathrooms in this TikTok home are what dreams are made of

Often it's a beautiful balcony that really makes a house. Or the stunning kitchen that could feed the whole family and even the friends and neighbors. Or that comfortable bedroom in which you'd want to spend the whole day relaxing. But when we talk about amazing houses, the bathroom isn't usually the room that instills the most awe in people. That's not the case for the TikTok home featured by @yamohana, however, who has a pretty epic bathroom situation. And that's an understatement.

The user @yamohana posted a video that first shows a zebra-print bathroom with a black toilet and sink, before revealing a marble tub in another room that looks like it'd offer up the best bath experience in the world. Then she walked down a beautiful hall to a glass door (which automatically slid open, no less) that led to a giant space featuring a bathtub at the end. A living room-sized bathroom! And it looks to be marble, too.

This extravagant TikTok home has castle gates

Imagine living in a fairy tale home, the kind you see in the movies when you're growing up. It would probably have a big, wooden gate for an entrance, and would open up to a stone walkway. It'd likely lead up to a giant house that has tons of privacy. There would be a lovely lounge room when you enter the house, and it would probably have some comfy couches in front of a warm fireplace. There would be a movie theater in the house, and there would most definitely be a barroom to entertain some friends. An open kitchen and a separate dining room would be luxe additions, as well.

Well, you can just ask TikTok's Jack (@jackieboy.69) how he likes living in that dream home, as it features all that and more. In his TikTok home video, he added the hashtag "#chasingdreams," and we'd certainly say his house is a dream come true. 

This incredible TikTok home has a secret airplane simulator

People have their passions. Some people love collecting antiques. Others have a thing for decorative dishes. And then there are some people who love flying airplanes and aren't afraid to take things to the extreme in the best possible way. Enter: the home of TikTok user Ewa (@ewatsiakmakis). 

Ewa has an airplane simulator in her house. Yes, there's an actual airplane cockpit in the closet of an otherwise pretty plain home office space. The cockpit looks just like it was taken off an airplane and brought inside of the house. It has all the buttons and gadgets of a real plane... or at least it appears that way! And there are what may be screens that make it look like you're right on an airport runway.

Given that there's a cool hidden airplane closet, we wonder what the other closets in this TikTok home look like...

A remote-controlled sliding-glass roof is a main feature of this TikTok home

TikTok user Kenley's (@kenleywildvank) home is one we'd like to see in person. Kenley showed us the property's many features in a TikTok home video, sharing a touch-to-open cabinet in the airy kitchen and a one-touch pop-up outlet in that same space. There's also a super cool glass staircase next to a matching glass dining room table and glass wine closet. And, best of all, a wonderful glass ceiling that opens up over it all, letting the sunshine and fresh air in. It's like a convertible car, except that it's a convertible house. If it's a nice day, you can just slide the top open with a remote control, and boom — you have an inside-outside house in one.

We just wonder how the glass ceiling holds up in storms. Despite the possible complications in severe weather, we bet it's pretty great to watch the rain patter on the glass ceiling from the dry and cozy confines of the dining room.

The marble bathroom in this TikTok home is gorgeous

Every house needs a bathroom. They're the place we all go to refresh (and, yes, relieve) ourselves, where we can take a bubble bath after a long day of work and binge-watch TikTok videos from the toilet in privacy. But imagine having the bathroom of all bathrooms in which to do all of that — a marble-filled bathroom fit for a queen or king. And that's the kind of set-up that one TikTok user has.

TikTok user Leila (@leylaaq) shared a video of her friend's bathroom at home that went viral and that had our imaginations running wild about the rest of the house. We're not sure if its the gold-tiled clawfoot tub, the pink marble sink with gold fixtures, the spacious shower, or the toilet that automatically opens when you get near that intrigues us the most in this TikTok home tour, but we're impressed with all of it.

This TikTok home has a secret bar room behind a bookshelf

TikTok user Brianna (@bbfosty) said she waited three months for her best friend to come home so she could make an incredible TikTok home video for the "my best friend's rich check" TikTok trend, and the final product was worth the wait. To say that her best friend's house is really nice would be an understatement. The huge property features a giant pool out back, a full gym inside with punching bags and workout equipment, and a golfing room to practice your swing. It even has an LED-lit bookshelf that's actually a secret door that opens up to a speakeasy-style bar with a dance floor.

To be totally fair, we assume that this home belongs to the parents of Brianna's rich best friend, but it's impressive nonetheless. We don't know where he was for those three months that she spent waiting around for him to come back, but we imagine he was on some epic vacation somewhere, taking a break from his luxe life back home.

This TikTok home has a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower

People love a good view. For most of us, a nice view of a garden would suffice or maybe even a view that catches the sunrise. For city dwellers, anything other than another brick wall outside the window is considered a luxury. But for TikTok user Yana (@yaa_fr), her home's view is so much more luxurious, as she has a coveted view of the Eiffel Tower.

In a TikTok video, Yana walked out of her house and onto a patio with a strip of presumably fake green grass. Outside there were couches, some chairs, and a table, as seen on many patios. But then she raised the camera and gave us the money shot: The Eiffel Tower just across the river Seine that flows below, the same river that the patio must sit on. Now we just wish we could see her view of the Eiffel Tower lit up at night.

The inside of Yana's place is nice, too. It has hardwood floors and a living room area with a comfortable-looking leather couch and a fuzzy rug. But really it's the view that make this incredible TikTok home worth seeing.