Why You Should Steer Clear Of Banana Republic's Jewelry

Imagine you're coming home from a big interview from with your dream job. You're feeling like you nailed it. When you walk into your entryway, and toss your keys into the bowl, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. Your crisp blazer looks smart, your hair is still holding that power pony you created earlier, and the skin around your neck has turned green. Green? It could have been a reaction from your Banana Republic necklace! Luckily, the green tint left on your skin is harmless, non-permanent, and just a reaction to cheap metals (via Business Insider). 

Banana Republic, owned by Gap Inc, is geared towards professional women, with a marketing slogan claiming you should be able to wear what you want with no boundaries (via Banana Republic). This is awesome, but what we want is to purchase and wear an accessory that enhances the color of our eyes, not, um, changes our skin tone. 

Green is not always the color of envy

A reviewer for Whit and Whimsy wrote about a Banana Republic saleswoman who admitted a popular gold ring design would turn your finger green. Heather, a customer who purchased Banana Republic jewelry commented, "I was really disappointed with BR 'gold' jewelry. Paid a regular price for two necklaces and wore them only a few times each, and boom, they are turning greenish on the underside. No jewelry from BR again." 

If this happened to you, perhaps your first reaction would be to return the offending piece of jewelry, but this could be problematic. Lifestyle blogger Catherine O'Connell recently told Business Insider about Banana Republic's return policy"Take a close look at the jewelry before purchasing, as their return policy is very strict." 

We know now that green doesn't always reflect envy. The next time we're browsing through Banana Republic and are tempted by the sparkly accessories, it is with good assumption they might best be left in the store.