Yoga Moves You're Doing Wrong

If anyone tells you yoga isn't a real workout, they're wrong. We've been to many yoga classes that were so tough, we could hardly walk the next day! There are some yoga classes that exist purely for relaxation, but a hot power yoga class will have your muscles aching in the best way.

It takes time to become a seasoned yogi, so you're bound to get some positions wrong. Most instructors will ask if they can come around and help adjust your body, but you might not feel comfortable being touched. That's okay. You can always ask them to show you the proper position on someone else. Here are some common positions people get wrong and tips on how you can self-correct.

Warrior I

Any time you're lunging, your knees should align with your ankles. If your knee extends over your ankle, you're doing it wrong. In Warrior I, you want to make sure you're squaring your hips with your shoulders. If your pelvis is facing outward instead of forward, this pose will be much more difficult to hold.

Downward-facing dog

This pose seems easy, but so many people get it wrong. The key with downward-facing dog is to keep your back flat and to have the proper amount of space between your hands and feet. Many people also stick their head up to see what's happening, but you want to keep your neck straight to get the most out of this position.


Just standing should be simple, right? Well, many people don't stand correctly in mountain pose. You want to stand so you're making a straight line — tuck your butt in and tighten your core, lifting upward. You'll feel much better.

Chaturanga dandasana

Otherwise known as a low plank, chaturanga dandasana is a tough pose to hold. Planking isn't as effortless as it seems. When done incorrectly, it can put a lot of strain on your wrists and lower back. Many people put all of their weight into their wrists, which causes pain and doesn't actually work anything. Instead, tighten your core, pull your body upward, and distribute weight into your legs. This will take the pressure off your upper body and make the pose worth your while.

Child's pose

Child's pose is perhaps one of the easiest poses, and it also feels amazing. But if you don't sit just right, you'll strain your hips instead of stretching them. Keep your toes together, widen your knees, and push your hips forward. This will allow you to get a deeper, more beneficial stretch.