Kate Middleton's Latest Zoom Dress Turned Heads For A Surprising Reason

Kate Middleton has captured our hearts for reasons beyond her flawless look and signature smile — we really love her because she's so incredibly down-to-earth. The Duchess of Cambridge started her photo project, Hold Still, earlier this year and hosted a Zoom call for people to share in the excitement of its nearing completion (via People). The endeavor called for people to send in photos of their experience of life during lockdown and any photos capturing the country's response to the pandemic.

In the latest video shared on the Kensington Royal Instagram, she commended fellow judges of the project and thanked them for their help. But, as the Duchess of fashion, people couldn't put their finger on where they had seen her green floral dress before. 

The ensemble came from none other than Zara, and it's previously been on sale for a mere $12.99. The frock is V-necked with lace trim and is now sold out, but you can find similar looks on the store's site. Combining a mix of high-end designers and affordable brands, the Duchess knows how to arrive in style — no matter the price.

Kate Middleton's photo project gives us a closer look at her wardrobe

According to People, Middleton worked with the National Portrait Gallery to start the Hold Still photography project, asking people to send in their most intriguing photos within the three themes: Helpers and Heroes, Your New Normal, and Acts of Kindness. The Instagram post shares that, "From the 31,598 submissions, these amazing judges have chosen one hundred images that will feature in a gallery without walls — a one of a kind digital exhibition — which will launch on Monday 14th September."

Helping lift people's spirits across the country, the project has also given the public more access to Duchess Kate. This means that viewers and followers get to see her wardrobe even more up close.

Middleton opened the video by saying, "It's been great, I can't wait. It's going to be so difficult to edit this down," when discussing the final selections for the project. Aside from the portraits, we can't wait to see what bargain buys Duchess Kate will bring us next.