Why We Can Sense When Someone Is Going To Die, According To A Psychic Medium

Have you ever just had a strong sense about something ... and, eerily, it turned out you were correct? Maybe, sadly, it was the death of a loved one: When the phone rings, you can feel it in your gut that you're about to receive bad news, before you pick up. It's easy to dismiss this kind of premonition as a coincidence, but according to a professional psychic, there's a reason why many of us can sense when someone we love is about to die.

In an interview with The List, celebrity aura reader, psychic medium, and spirit guide Megan Michaela Firester, who goes by "Mystic Michaela," explained that all of us have both a human self and a "higher self," and that higher self sometimes shares important messages. "Our higher selves become 'open' to hearing messages from others around us that their time for transition is coming," Firester said. 

These people aren't necessarily psychics like Firester. "It just means that they are more sensitive to the communication of those around them," she explained. Most commonly, we might have a dream about saying goodbye to someone right before they die — this happened to Firester herself. "When I was 16, I had a dream experience which felt very real, where my grandfather — who was ailing at the time — came to me, took me for ice cream, and told me goodbye," she recalled. "The next day, he died."

People also can sometimes sense their own deaths

Our higher selves have access to all kinds of knowledge that our human selves don't have handy, Firester added. This can sometimes include when our own final day will arrive. "These higher selves are operating on a level which is higher vibrational than our human self, and that is the part which can know we are leaving this Earth plane to go to the next state of existence before our conscious selves are aware," she explained. "Our higher selves know when we will be transitioning before our human selves do."

Think about people in your life who died unexpectedly — did they do anything in their final days that hinted at some sort of closure? "You'll see many times, people who we love do things almost because they just know they have to, without any conscious awareness of their impending death," Firester observed. "They will get their affairs in order, write a letter, they will say some final goodbyes in ways which are seemingly innocuous, until they die soon after. And people ask themselves, 'did they know?' And the answer is, yes."