Shoppers Are Flocking To Aldi For These Adorable Animal Baskets

Aldi isn't just your one stop shop for amazing bargains, it's also a little-known destination for super-cute home goods. The German grocery giant is expanding its reach in the U.S., meaning there are now more stores than ever that you can pop into and pick up something to make your home look even more chic. Considering how many people are currently still stuck quarantining, this is the optimum time to make your space sing.

Aldi offers a whole range of cool and, of course, affordable home goods, from tables to chairs, to stylish luggage. As Aldi aficionados can attest, their product range changes all the time, which sometimes makes it a little too easy to pick up more stuff than you perhaps intended (but it's all reasonably priced, so it evens out — it's science). But it also means that when cute stuff does pop up, you have to jump on it before everybody else does, like adorable animal storage baskets. 

Aldi's animal baskets are the perfect addition to a child's bedroom

As Aldi Favorite Finds notes, the animal baskets are ideally sized to be used as hampers for kids. Retailing at just $29.99, these baskets are also a total bargain. The official Aldi USA account shared a photo where the hampers, which are available in shy brown fox (complete with pointy ears) or white, floppy-eared dog, are sweetly laid out in a child's bedroom setup, with plush toys scattered around (and one peeking out) while clothes spill out of one. It's a lovely visual representation of how these functional baskets can perfectly blend into a child's room, while not looking like a "grown up" item.

The comments on the photos were universally positive, with most users noting how cute the hampers are, while others tagged friends to coo over them. Likewise, several commenters inquired about whether they were coming to their local store soon, or if any were available in their area, suggesting the hampers are already flying off the shelves, or will be gone as soon as the drop.