This Is The Best Time Of Day To Shop At Walmart

Walmart is the go-to shopping destination for American families looking to purchase their most needed household items, in bulk, at the lowest possible prices. But visiting the grocery mega-store can be an intimidating experience, particularly if everybody else has decided to go at the same time. There are several tricks to making your shopping experience at Walmart worthwhile, from always opting for their own, extra-cheap in-house brand (which often boasts similar or even better quality items than higher-priced brand name counterparts), to planning returns in advance, and figuring out the fastest checkout possible.

One of the key elements to getting the best out of your Walmart shopping experience, however, is to know what time of day is the optimum to visit. Whether you're simply doing the weekly shop, looking for something specific, or stocking up for the long haul, it's best to know when you can get in and get out with minimum hassle rather than risking being stuck there, forever wandering the aisles in search of bargains.

Score the best deals at Walmart early in the morning

If you're looking to grab the best deals, particularly on meat and produce, you'll need to head to Walmart first thing in the morning. The Penny Hoarder reveals stores typically put these products on sale early, to get rid of anything nearing its "sell by" date. The time varies from store to store, so be sure to check with the meat and produce departments before heading over. To get the freshest stuff, especially baked goods, you have to get there early.

To get in and get out, it's imperative to shop when there are less people in-store. Insider notes that going grocery shopping right when the store first opens is your best bet, because you can get everything you need quickly without having to wait in any long lines or fight anybody for the best deals.