We Finally Know Why 90 Day Fiancé's Andrei Had To Leave His Home Country

The most recent episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Every After? found Andrei backed into a corner by wife Elizabeth and her family, as they demanded to know the real reason he moved to Ireland, where the couple originally met, from his home country of Moldova. Elizabeth's family made the journey to Moldova to watch their daughter re-marry Andrei because the last time they couldn't all be present. However, the Florida natives weren't too impressed with Andrei's behavior, frequent clashes erupting between him and Elizabeth's brother, Charlie.

Charlie's main grievance was with Andrei's mysterious reasoning for leaving Moldova for Ireland, where he met Elizabeth while she was traveling. He wouldn't let up on Andrei, who was offended by the insinuation that his marriage to Elizabeth was all a ploy to get a green card. Everything came to a head when Andrei's best friend, Marcel, got involved, which forced Andrei to admit the truth finally.

Andrei's job got him in trouble

As In Touch notes, the 90 Day Fiancé star apologized for fighting with Elizabeth's family, but that didn't stop them going behind Andrei's back to Marcel, who told them Andrei had to leave Moldova because of corruption in the police force, of which they were both members. However, a shocked Elizabeth later revealed that she was told Andrei left Moldova because he could make more money in Ireland. "I knew a little bit about his past when he was a detective, but definitely not all of those details like he had to flee the country so he wouldn't get in trouble. Like, that's insane to me," she admitted (via ET).

After threatening not to marry him again if he didn't tell her the truth, Elizabeth finally convinced Andrei and he revealed he'd been asked to do something illegal and refused to go along with it. "I had to leave the country because if I didn't leave, they will set me up and I will lose everything," he explained.

Elizabeth found Andrei's reasoning difficult to understand

Andrei later explained to the producers that working for law enforcement in Moldova is like being in the mob, and he was frequently expected to act illegally. "I just did the right thing for me at that time. That's it," he said simply. Elizabeth accepted his explanation and all was well. When ET spoke with the 90 Day Fiancé couple back in July, Andrei downplayed it as not being "very serious," while Elizabeth maintained it was a difficult time for her.

"There were surprises that kind of came up and my family is just yet again, digging and digging and digging and bringing it to my attention ... It was a lot for me and I'm still kind of processing it, too," she admitted, describing the feeling as being one of disappointment. However Elizabeth noted she understood where Andrei was coming from once she knew the full story.