Why You Need Eucalyptus In Your Shower

If you're an aromatherapy junkie, you probably know all about the incredible benefits of eucalyptus. Revitalizing and refreshing, eucalyptus is a plant that emits an amazing scent and is frequently used at spas to enhance relaxation. Since you're likely spending more time in your home right now, why not add some gorgeous greenery to your space?

Hanging the plant from your shower head not only fills your bathroom with a fresh, minty aroma, it can also help you breathe easier (via Prevention). You may recognize the scent of eucalyptus from chest rubs and humidifiers that help break up congestion. This powerful plant helps clear congestion and opens airways by reducing inflammation within the sinuses. It even aids in healing sinus infections by decreasing bacteria throughout the nasal passages (via Healthline). 

Plus, it's an amazing stress reliever. The scent of eucalyptus can help to calm your mind and body due to its high level of eucalyptol. A 2014 survey found that inhaling eucalyptol decreased anxiety in 62 patients awaiting surgery (via Healthline). Basically, your bathroom will turn into the luxurious spa you've always wanted it to be — just by turning on the tap.

Hanging eucalyptus in your shower is an easy way to feel better

According to Prevention, you don't need a massive bundle of the plant to reap the benefits. The outlet recommends to simply tie the stalks to your shower head using a rubber band — just make sure they're secured behind the apparatus so they don't block the flowing water. If the leaves stand under running water, they can drip oil onto the skin which can irritate your eyes (via Healthline). If you need extra support to hang your bouquet, you can use string, twine or ribbon to secure it in place. Depending on what kind of shower head you have in your home, you can then tie the leaves off to the side or even behind your shower rack.

You can find branches of eucalyptus at the flower section at the grocery store, at a florist, or online through various sellers. Just bunch them up, tie and turn on the water! You'll likely need to switch out your bundle every few weeks as the aroma begins to fade. If having a plant in your shower isn't your thing, you can also use an oil diffuser to spread the scent throughout your home. 

Promoting relaxation, decongestion, and respiratory health, eucalyptus can be the addition to your shower that you never knew you needed.