Here's Where The Mom From Boy Meets World Is Today

Just hearing the words Boy Meets World makes millennials want to break out and sing the sitcom's catchy intro music. For seven seasons, ABC had the popular coming-of-age series on their Friday night lineup (via TV Guide). Boy Meets World follows Cory Matthews as he grows up alongside his best friend, Shawn, his childhood sweetheart, Topanga, and his wacky older brother, Eric. For many of us, watching what antics Cory and his pals got up to was a major start-of-the-weekend ritual.

On the show, Betsy Randle played Amy Matthews, the loving mother to Cory, Eric, and baby sister Morgan. (Remember how Morgan randomly disappeared and reappeared as a totally different actress?) Amy Matthews was known for being calm and offering advice. Now that Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World have both wrapped, it's time to find out what's going on with one of the all-time great sitcom moms.

Betsy Randle appeared on the new series Girl Meets World

Betsy Randle has had a pretty amazing acting career. The now-70-year-old has made guest appearances on many popular television shows, including Baywatch, Home Improvement, and Charmed (via IMDb). Luckily for us, she was totally game to reprise her role of Amy Matthews in the Boy Meets World spinoff Girl Meets World. Betsy appeared on two episodes as the grandmother to Cory and Topanga's kids, Riley and Auggie.

In her more recent roles, Randle hasn't been afraid to take on roles in decidedly not family-friendly projects. In the past few years, she appeared the Lifetime kidnapping thriller My Little Girl is Gone and the upcoming thriller, Painter. Randle currently lives with her husband and two children in California (via Zimbo). While she's not active on social media, she's still a major selfie get for fans. Just look how thrilled Rhea Butcher was to snap an Instagram selfie with the sitcom matriarch. That's some pretty cute stuff.