The Barbie Tattoo Trend That's Taking Over Instagram

The latest tattoo trend to take over Instagram is equal parts sweetly nostalgic and excruciatingly painful. Sole tattoos, first made trendy by supermodel Cara Delevingne, are suddenly all the rage particularly for those without any other visible artwork. For a first-timer, though, getting inked on the sole of your foot is pretty hardcore, as it's one of the most painful spots, according to JoJo Roman, a tattoo artist and co-owner of Chronic Ink (via Cosmopolitan).

As Aimee Paik, medical director of online dermatological service Apostrophe, explained to Bustle, our feet have more nerve endings. "The procedure itself may be more painful because the foot is more highly innervated, and it may be a little bit more tender during the recovery process," she advised. Still, if it's good enough for Delevingne, who are we to argue? If you're wondering who to blame for this new influx of sole-based tattoos (aside from Ms. Delevigne and her "solemate" Kaia Gerber, per PopSugar), look no further than Barbie herself.

Instagram users are paying homage to Barbie with sole tattoos

As PopSugar reports, vintage Barbie dolls in the '60s had the word "Japan" stamped on the bottom of their right foot as a reference to where they were originally manufactured. Now, as a nod to that iconic stamp, women are getting tattoos on the soles of their own feet to shout-out where they come from. Delevingne, naturally, has ""Made in England"" on one foot (the other says "Bacon"). The most popular design by far pays homage to Barbie herself, with a "Made in [insert country here]" trend representing areas as far-flung as Italy and Iran.

However, creative minds are inking their birth years, band symbols from their favorite groups, intricate designsmovie references, and even words of affirmation. Toy fans who aren't into Barbie can choose another famous toy-based sole tattoo with the "Andy" ink made famous by Woody in the Toy Story franchise. These tattoos may be small, but they're easily customizable, too, and can be matched to your individual style. These inkings are particularly suitable for those looking for a baby tattoo that isn't visible most of the time.

But it's worth noting that the soles of the feet are among the least suitable places to get tattooed, because the ink can drop out or blow out (meaning spread unevenly) very easily, so keep that in mind before going under the needle, per the U.K.'s Modern Body Art's blog.