The Truth About Gabby Barrett's Husband

American Idol alum Gabby Barrett was nominated for New Female Artist of the Year at the 2020 ACM Awards. Her success was hard won, after initially being rejected by Nashville music labels (via The Boot). Labels and people didn't know if I could write original music or anything," Barrett conceded — so she worked on writing songs, and eventually penned "I Hope," which became a number one hit. Dolly Parton is even a fan (per People).

But American Idol did more than introduce Barrett's talents to the world. She also met her husband Cade Foehner on season 16 of the hit reality competition show (via People). They wed in October of 2019 in a small ceremony in Texas where the 24-year-old Foehner is from, per People. About their reception's offerings, Barrett told the outlet, "Cade loves Mexican food and I love American, so we will have both food options."

The relatively-young Barrett, who was just 19 when she wed Foehner explained why they didn't want to postpone their nuptials: "We thought, 'What's the point in waiting years and years if we already know we're going to be committed to each other forever?' So may forever start now."

Cade Foehner is going to be a dad

The couple recently announced they found out they were expecting their first child together in May during a visit to Foehner's family in Texas. "We are very excited," Barrett said about being pregnant with a daughter. As for the dad-to-be, his reaction was super sweet: "I get to have two Gabbys! One's not enough."

It seems the newlyweds enjoy doing everything together — a quick perusal of Foehner's Instagram reveals the duo performing together. It's also readily apparent that he supports Barrett's success, as he frequently posts updates about her career. The couple is very religious, as evidenced by the bible quotes posted to Foehner's page. He further shares his devotion to Christianity on his Twitter account.

Barrett's husband is focused on launching his own country music career, according toTaste of Country. The video for his 2019 single "Baby, Let's Do This" actually featured his wife.