Here's How Much Money The Stars On DWTS Really Make

There are a lot of reasons a celebrity might want to compete on Dancing With the Stars. From the glory of winning the Mirrorball trophy to the prestige and attention that comes with being on the show, being on DWTS can provide a career boost to a star who has faded from the public eye or help win over some new fans for those living in the limelight.

Then, of course, there's the payday.

As noted by Variety in 2019, contestants on the show make a whopping $125,000 during the rehearsal period and the first couple of weeks on air alone. After that, the money they earn goes up for each week they are on the show. Sources told the outlet that the maximum amount of money a contestant can earn on DWTS is a jaw-dropping $295,000. That number actually used to be higher — in 2010, Gawker reported that contestants could make as much as $345,000.

Dancing With the Stars contestants make a lot of money

While that might seem like a hefty payday for a few weeks of dancing on TV, competing on DWTS is quite a grueling process — especially this year. In addition to all the hard work they put in on the show, contestants — and the professional dancers they are paired with — will have to live in isolation for the time they're on the show. They'll also be tested for COVID-19 five times a week.

"The central premise of the show is two people who are in very close proximity with each other," showrunner Andrew Llinares told Deadline. "They as a couple on the show will stay as a pod – they won't come in to contact with the other couples to the point that we've got three sets of married pro dancers and they will be living separately for as long as they're in the competition," he added."