This Is Why People Can't Stop Talking About Aldi's New Honey

Aldi is comin' in hot with this latest find, and we are here for it. It's honey, but with a spicy kick, and this magical combination of heat and sweet is definitely the thing we'll be liberally drizzling onto fried chicken, pizza, and wings from now on. Aldi's new Berryhill Hot Honey comes in two varieties — a natural chili flavor and a sriracha flavor. And at just $3.99 for a 12-ounce bottle, you probably need to try both.

One Instagram user was one of the first to share this hot honey last month and commenters were quick to offer suggestions on their favorite ways to use it (via Instagram). Pizza seems to be the go-to and judging from Aldi's Hot Honey Pizza craze a few months back, we already know that's a winning combination. And other creative users recommend pairing it with sweet potato fries and chicken and waffles. The bottle itself suggests putting the spicy honey on pizza, chicken, and cheese, or using it in sauces. Once you get a taste, the possibilities seem endless. Vegetables, cocktails, stir frys, and ice cream are all fair play, according to My Recipes

Before we begin topping everything in life with hot honey, let's take a closer look at this exciting new Aldi find.

Aldi's hot honey tastes great for a reason

Aldi's fiery new condiment has created some buzz for the sweet kick it can bring to our favorite foods — and anything that can make pizza and fried chicken taste even better is 100 percent worth talking about. But you may be surprised to know there's actually some logic behind why we love the flavor of hot honey. Judith Finlayson, the author of The Chili Pepper Bible, spoke to The Daily Meal about combining sweet and spicy flavors, saying, "Sweetness mitigates heat, so it enables us to appreciate the flavor elements that might be obscured by a high degree of heat." So, it seems hot honey strikes a delicious balance even for those with heat-sensitive palettes.

Here's more good news: Both the chili and sriracha version of Berryhill Hot Honey are infused with natural flavors. Could that mean there's a chance for a tiny metabolic boost from the chili peppers? We're in. A peek at the nutrition label reveals there are 60 calories, zero grams of fat and sodium, and 17 grams of carbs and sugar in a one-tablespoon serving (via Instagram). Not too bad if used in moderation. Aldi's new hot honey might just be our spicy, sweet condiment of choice from now on.