The Truth About Zendaya And Hunter Schafer's Relationship

Zendaya, who embodies the role of Rue, and Hunter Schafer, who portrays Jules, play best friends on the riveting and raw HBO series Euphoria. But it turns out the stars' relationship in real life mimics their on-screen closeness. "I don't know if I've ever worked closer with anyone than Zendaya on Euphoria. It was such an extensive process, and a very intimate one," Schafer told Harper's Bazaar in February about filming with the talented former Disney actress.

It turns out the former model's working relationship with Zendaya was vital for her success in the part — her first acting gig, believe it or not. According to CheatSheet, Schafer credits her closeness with Zendaya for helping her navigate the complex character of Jules, a trans girl who is also the victim of sexual abuse. Zendaya even helped connect a fan, who is also a trans girl, with Schafer after she told the star how much Jules' character inspired her (via Teen Vogue).

The entire cast is very close knit

According to PopSugar, Zendaya and Hunter Schafer have been known to grace one another's Instagram accounts. They have shared red carpet moments, snaps from the Euphoria set, and even a regular, everyday hanging out pic. Meanwhile, it seems the cast of the acclaimed drama is very tight. Although Zendaya is extremely private about her personal life, it was rumored she dated co-star Jacob Elordi for a period of time — they were photographed together frequently and were said to be "inseparable" — they are now reportedly broken up (via Harper's Bazaar).

In fact, PopSugar showcased photos of members of the cast hanging out together both on and off set. We love one photo of Zendaya and Schafer standing together arm in arm, while admiring a bulletin board advertising the premier date of Euphoria. "We've formed a really special bond over the past eight months that I'm so thankful for," Schafer told W about her friendship with Zendaya. Here's hoping their bond can be continued during season 2, because as fans, we can't wait to see it!