The Best Color Scheme For Each Room In Your Home

After spending more time in your home, you may have noticed how your surroundings and their colors impact your mood. According to VeryWellMind, ancient cultures such as the Egyptians and the Chinese actually practiced chromotherapy by using different colors to heal various ailments. Since each color correlates with a certain frequency and thus an emotion, it may be worth your while to choose colors according to what each space represents. 

For instance, the bedroom should bring about a sense of peace and safety; deep blue hues can help create that ambiance (via TheSpruce). Use a midnight blue and combine it with lighter shades to set the tone that helps you drift off to sleep with ease. Blue also is thought to help ease pain and soothe illness in holistic therapy. On the other hand, to help offset the busier spaces, use a muted color like silver to counteract the hectic energy sometimes present in entryways and hallways. Lighter gray and silver help to liven up the area while still offering a sense of relaxed ease to the room.

Color can help make or break your mood

For areas like the kitchen, consider adding brighter colors like yellow to uplift and energize. Since it's likely one of the places you spend time in during the morning hours, this hue can make a difference in the way you start your day. Victor Tirondola, CEO and owner of Manor Works Painting, recommends buttery yellow, as it's known to increase levels of motivation and enthusiasm.

Yellow also might be a good fit for your home office since it boasts these properties. You can also add light greens and blues to make the space feel warm but invigorating, enhancing focus for even the toughest of projects (via TheNest). For dimly lit areas of the home, choose pale pink and yellow tones that mimic sunlight to brighten up your room. These soft hues can bring a lively vibe to dark hallways or bathrooms, while white helps to make spaces look bigger.

No matter what vibe you're looking for, colors can clearly help you achieve it. Focus on the atmosphere that you want to create in each space while thinking about balancing out any levels of activity present in your home. Before you know it, each room will reflect a certain aspect of your life and help to cultivate the feelings that you're looking for.