Why You Should Be Shopping On Lululemon's 'We Made Too Much' Page

If you've always wanted to pick up something from Lululemon but balk at the price tag, have we got news for you. Unless you're looking to buy something brand new, noted, or in-season, you might want to consider going online and checking out "We Made Too Much," which is the brand's ongoing, under-the-radar sale section. Because Lululemon almost never goes on sale, this nifty little virtual corner features some of the site's overstocks (as in they've literally made too much) at delectable discounts (via Women's Health).

You're not likely to find Lululemon's classics (we're looking at you, black Align Leggings), or any of the brand's bestsellers like the Wunder Under tights in the most popular hues. But you'll find popular styles of joggers, leggings, hoodies, and accessories in perhaps not-too-popular colors for as much as 30 percent off (via Seventeen). We think the chance of getting your hands on the Lulu style of your dreams will more than make up for the fact that it may be in last season's color.

Lululemon's under-the-radar sale section is worth the money

Lululemon fans will tell you that the "We Made Too Much" section is full of items that are worth the money, particularly since it gives shoppers access to Lulu's products at a decent discount. Lululemon's workout gear, from their leggings to their tops, have a huge fan following and the section (which fans call WMTM, per Agent Athletica) is the best chance you might have of giving Lululemon a test drive by picking up a piece at an affordable price.

If you really want to game the Lululemon system, Agenta Athletica says you ought to start sniffing about the Lululemon website on Tuesday afternoons every week, so you can check out the "what's new page," because this is when Lululemon is scheduled to add new products to the website. While the uploaded products may be new, it could also mean that more overstock items could be heading over to the WTMT section, so you'll never know what you might be able to score on that end.