The Fall 2020 Hair Trends You'll Definitely Want To Try

When it comes to fall fashion, it's easy to sort things out. You needn't look further than a sweater, jacket, and boots to achieve the standard autumnal uniform. But when it comes to hair and makeup, things get a bit trickier. It's chilly, hair can get frizzier or dryer, and when it gets darker and colder earlier, no one really wants to put immense effort into their morning routines — whether that's makeup or hair.

But finding a new signature style that fits in with this year's trends is easier than ever this year thanks to a host of looks that appear detailed and time-consuming, but in reality, take only 10 minutes of your time. Because most people are still at home and collaborating with coworkers through Zoom, high maintenance isn't an option, which has translated into efficiently flawless fall trends for your strands.

Whether it's a bejeweled updo or a timeless lob cut, you can leave your hot tools off if you'd like, and take a peek at the styles that require few products and even fewer minutes — all making for some major fall hair wins.

Slick bun

Keeping things simple is sometimes all you feel like when the cold weather hits (who wants to get out of their cozy bed when it's raining out?). Luckily, this style looks impeccably chic, but also happens to be rather easy to achieve (via Byrdie). Using hair gel or spray, part your hair down the middle and slick it back into a low or mid-height bun like Sofia Richie did here. With a sweater and few glimmering baubles, your look will be complete in a matter of minutes.

Accessorized updo

When the weather is dull it can be easy to fall back on your messy bun or two-second ponytail. But, all it takes is a few clips or hair accessories to take it from a plain look to something worthy of showing off. Celebrity hairstylist Lacy Redway did this look for actor Zazie Beetz (via Instagram). And while you may not have the skilled precision and eye of a pro doing your hair, it's simple enough to adorn your bun with a few pins or barrettes.

Sleek lob

There are no fall haircuts more iconic than the bob, and its longer counterpart, the lob. Kaia Gerber's example of it shows just how a style like this can straddle the border of stunning and natural. Adding a slight wave, like Gerber's, a headband, or simply straightening it are all ways you can play it up on any given day. If a bob is a bit too short, a lob goes to the shoulder or just beyond, and gives you a extra centimeters to play with (via Glamour UK).

Braided crown

For a look that extends beyond your classic braid or updo, a milkmaid braid is incredibly trendy choice for fall. All it entails is your favorite type of braid draped across the crown of your head. Intricate? Yes. Complicated? Not really. This look may seem difficult, but it really only takes a few steps to complete (via Harper's Bazaar). Don't sweat if it looks messy either, that adds to the laid-back style and makes it look sweet and street style-ready, like influencer Leonie Hanne's version (via Instagram).

Curtain bangs

There's no better season to try out bangs than fall, since they won't be sticking to your forehead with sweat or shoved under a beanie. If blunt, straight across bangs freak you out in terms of commitment, curtain bangs will help ease you in and give you a better idea of how you'll look with a new fringe. They give an ultra '70s vibe, like seen here on Hayley Hasselhof, which makes them wispier and lightweight than your average set of bangs. Their cut also serves as a gorgeous frame and has the ability to complement any face shape. If low-maintenance is your vibe but you're dying to try this style, here's your answer.

Chic headbands

How can you completely transform a look without leaning on dye or a trim? Look no further than a headband. This hair accessory may seem basic at face value, but it can instantly elevate any 'do you decide on for the day. Influencer Nifesimi Akingbe's used one as a finishing touch for a look, and the proof is in the picture — her bob is already super sophisticated but the headband instantly boosts the chic factor (via Instagram).