The Hidden Meanings Behind Arnell Armon's Tattoos

Lifestyle and beauty blogger Arnell Armon has taken the influencer world by storm. With her candid style and refreshingly honest interactions with fans, it's no wonder the YouTuber, who happens to be twin sisters with fellow influencer, Alissa Ashley, has over 750,000 subscribers and 678,000 followers on Instagram (via TubeFilter). Armon hailing from African-American and Mexican descent, which gives her a unique perspective in the beauty community as she explained in an interview with Refinery 29. "Both cultures are beautiful in their own ways, and I love being able to identify with both... They're both crucial parts of who I am and what I want to become."

From makeup tutorials, and skincare reviews to recreating celebrity styles, Armon is as versatile as it gets when it comes to her channel, and that is reflected in her own unique personal style including her many tattoos and piercings. After an overwhelming number of requests from fans, Armon finally did a video explaining the meaning behind her beloved ink.

Arnell Armon has 17 tattoos and plans for more

Like most people with more than a few tattoos, Arnell Armon's ink represents different parts of her personality and different stages of her life. For example, her favorite musician is Kid Cudi and he is featured as inspiration for three of her tattoos. "Unf***wittable," the title of her favorite song, sits on the inside of her left arm because it's a reminder of how powerful the song makes her feel. A lyric from one of his songs, "Your glory is blinding," is featured on her left torso, and in small numbers on her left shoulder are the numbers "13084," which is simply Kid Cudi's birthday.

Most of the tattoos are text, but she has a few graphic pieces like a snake that wraps around her left forearm because, as she states in her "All About My Tattoos and Piercings" video, "I like snakes." A black heart outline sits on Armon's hip that she readily dismisses "it was dumb" mostly because she got it when she was 15 without much thought. Same with a large sun that sits on the back of her neck. It was her very first tattoo, and she regrets it now because it was never fully finished. Apparently, tattooing that part of the body hurts a lot. A large elaborate floral piece with vibrant colors takes up most of her right side from mid torso to upper thigh. It was designed as a cover-up piece to disguise an ex's name.

Words of wisdom and celestial providence feature prominently in many of her tattoos

Arnell Armon's very favorite tattoo is a sun that she wears proudly on the inside of her right forearm. When describing the piece she excitedly states, "I like suns," but the meaning is deeper. She tells the story of her aunt giving her and her twin sister a tarot reading at nine years old and the reading promised success for the girls. The sun design on the back of the tarot cards featured prominently in her memories of the day and eventually inspired the tattoo.

The inside of both her wrists were inked on the same day and feature similar sentiments. "Love Yourself" on the left wrist and "This too shall pass" on the right wrist. While neither tattoos are significant for Armon now, she has plans to cover the "Love Yourself" art as part of a half sleeve project, they were significant for her when she got them. They were reminders to be kind to herself during a difficult time in her life when she felt like she was being drained emotionally. She explained, "Everything passes because time never stops."

Arnell has the words "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional" on the inside of her left forearm and the word "Inevitable" on the inside of her left elbow. She saw the phrase in a church service and it became a mantra she lives by today. She candidly revealed feeling depressed and suicidal when she was younger, and the words taught her a valuable lesson about dealing with hard times. She revealed, "Some things just have to happen for you to, like, learn from them, or for you to grow."

The meaning behind the last few tattoos are more lighthearted

As a nod to her astrological sign, Aquarius, Armon has the word "Enigma" emblazoned above her right knee. She adores it not just because she thinks it's a cool placement for ink, but because it's a "fancier word for mysterious." Her lucky number "Four" is spelled out on in small letters on the outside of her right wrist, and on the back of both calves reads "19" on the left and "84" on the right, the year she was born.

Arnell Armon obviously has a strong connection to numbers, and it's more than evident when looking at her tattoos. In red sitting at the base of her neck the numbers "1017" stand out. While most people looking at it assume it's a nod to Gucci Mane's record label by the same name, Armon explains it's actually her angel number. Many people believe that noticing certain number sequences, repetitively, is how celestial spirits and guardian angels speak to us and guide us (via Well and Good). The number "1017" was especially significant for Armon after moving to Los Angeles and embarking on her career as a full-time influencer.

Finally, Armon has the world "Peachy" spelled out on her rear-end. The only tattoo she understandably didn't show the camera. This was not a piece she would have picked out for herself, but hilariously her friend Porsche insisted on getting matching ink with her bestie, and this is what she picked!