What Really Happened To All The Spouse House Couples

Back in 2017, short-lived dating reality show The Spouse House made its debut on TLC. The premise was simple: 14 singles from Chicago move into a mansion in Los Angeles and at the recommendation of relationship experts, Dr. Isaiah Pickens and Christine Hassler, pair up with the intention to get married or part ways and leave the show. At the end of each episode they conduct an "engagement ceremony," and if no one proposes, two people get the boot to make room for new singles. Engaged couples stay in the house and continue to receive counseling along with the singles looking for "the one" (via People).

Not surprisingly, the show never made it past one season, and for good reason. Out of the 27 singles that came in and out of the house and nine potential couples, only three actually walked down the aisle. Guess how many of those couples, who were married just three years ago, are still happily together? Turns out, not one. Yesnaya Toledo and Danny Skelly, Jimmy Brereton and Kelli Jo Krauser, and Missy Holas and Chris Rudolph have all gotten divorced (via Chicago Tribune and The Port Charlotte Sun).

What happened to Yesnaya Toledo and Danny Skelly

After just three weeks of dating, Yesnaya "Naya" Toledo and Danny Skelly were the first couple to tie the knot, much to the dismay of Danny's parents and many shocked viewers (via People). Although the two had an undeniable attraction on the show, they didn't know each other well. Add to that the responsibility of Toledo's young son, and you've got a relationship plagued with obstacles before even walking down the aisle. 

Skelly went from single to step-dad overnight. He hadn't even met little Lance Jr. until after he proposed (via Bustle). According to People, the couple eventually received Danny's parents' blessing on their union, and the little family moved back home to Chicago after filming to start their happily ever after. But even with reports of Danny being "so incredible with Naya's little boy," the couple divorced after just 5 months of marriage (via Journal Star).

Although neither Skelly or Toledo has publicly discussed their split, social media shows them each thriving. According to his Instagram, Skelly is a personal trainer in Chicago and he looks happily paired off. Toledo's Instagram is now private, but according to an update from Life and Style, she had another baby boy in 2018 named Kaeden Jay.

What happened to Jimmy Brereton and Kelli Jo Krauser

The second couple to walk down the aisle in The Spouse House was Jimmy Brereton and Kelli Jo Krauser. Engaged for only three days, the firefighter, Brereton, and flight attendant, Krauser, were inspired to say their own "I do's" after watching their friends, Yesnaya Toledo and Danny Skelly, get married first. Sadly, the couple only made it a year before divorcing.

It's very difficult to find any updates on the couple since their split in 2018. Much like Skelly and Toledo, neither Brereton or Krauser has made a formal announcement that their relationship ended. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Brereton revealed he had no regrets about his stint on the reality show. He said, "I'm happy I went on The Spouse House, because everyone was really nice and fun to be around." According to his Facebook page, Jimmy Brereton is still working as a firefighter in Chicago and seems very happy with his new girlfriend. Kelly Jo Krauser is also still working as a flight attendant out of Chicago, and according to her Facebook page is in a budding new relationship that started at the beginning of the summer.

What happened to Missy Holas and Chris Rudolph

The only couple that didn't rush down the aisle to get married during the show's filming was Missy Holas and Chris Rudolph. The pair decided to end the show engaged and continue working as a couple towards marriage. They did eventually tie the knot in July of 2018, but divorced barely a year later (via Port Charlotte Sun).

On what would have been their one year anniversary, Missy Holas posted a lovely tribute on her Instagram page featuring a photo of their wedding day and honoring the memories of their short relationship and new journey into friendship. She wrote, "I celebrate our friendship now, our support for each other's new journeys, our unknown future and the love we will always have for each other. I want to always celebrate this day with a continuous smile! I'll always love you, Happy anniversary!" Since their split, Holas decided to fulfill her dream and become a mother through IVF. She gave birth to twins, Charlie Christina Margaret and Ford Monty Georett Holas, in February (via Port Charlotte Sun).

Chris Rudolph is still living and working in Chicago, and according to his Facebook page is still friends with Holas. Pictures of the couple and their engagement are still on his timeline, although there is no current relationship status available.