We Finally Know Why Costco's Hot Dogs Are So Delicious

Costco sells delicious hot dogs. A popular meme jokes, "Being an adult is spending $500 at Costco because you were craving $1.50 hot dog," (via Instagram). That $1.50 price point may be the reason our brains tell us that these hot dogs taste so salty, savory, and good. Technically, the low price will get you a hot dog and a soda (via Biz Journals). This dog and beverage special has been running since 1985, and hasn't given way to inflation (via The Takeout). The reason for this low, low price is that the hot dog is what is considered a "loss leader" — think of it like tasty advertising, luring you into the store where you'll inevitably spend more. 

At that price, who can turn down a delicious snack? But why exactly do these dogs taste so good?

Costco's hot dogs taste good because they make you feel good

One reason Costco hot dogs taste so darn yummy may involve when you eat them. Comments one happy shopper, "I always eat that hot dog after my Costco haul," (via Instagram). One thing all large box stores have in common — they're huge. According to Costco employees, it's not uncommon for staff to clock around 20,000 steps a day for an 8-hour shift (via Reddit). If you shopped for only one hour, you could be adding about an eighth of that at 2,500 steps, all while pushing a large and heavy shopping cart. No wonder you're ready for some hot and easy grub!

The tastiness, of course, may also be due to the hot dog recipe. Where many hot dogs are full of, well to say it nicely, chemicals, the Costco brand avoids many of these harmful fillers. As one foodie describes it, Costco dogs avoid corn syrup, fillers, and byproducts (via The Kitchn). Basically, the meat is just all beef in a quick service shape. 

The one thing that seems to make the Costco hot dog so delicious is that it isn't served with a side of guilt you get from many ballpark dogs. You exercised to get it, spent your money wisely, and avoided harmful processed foods. Enjoy!