Mary Trump Reacts To Revelations About Donald Trump's Tax Data

If there is anyone who might be familiar with President Donald Trump's tax data, it's his niece Mary, daughter of his late brother Fred Trump, Jr. After all, in a tell-all book released this summer about her uncle, Mary revealed she played a critical role providing confidential evidence that resulted in The New York Times' 2018 expose about the president's tax arrangements (via Daily Beast). 

That report maintained that the president took part in questionable tax schemes that boosted the money he had inherited from his parents. Back then, the president's recently-deceased brother Robert had released a statement assuring the public, "Our dear father, Fred C. Trump, passed away in June 1999. Our beloved mother, Mary Anne Trump, passed away in August 2000. All appropriate gift and estate tax returns were filed, and the required taxes were paid."

With the news of the latest bombshell report from The New York Times about the president's tax data, Mary Trump sent the reporters behind the investigation a tweet promoting and applauding the story, saying, "The extraordinary and brilliant @susannecraig and @russbuettner strike again. We owe them a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid."

Mary Trump's tweet attracted both support and disapproval

Mary Trump's Twitter followers used her post to express both support for her and to question the New York Times report, which revealed the possible state of the president's tax situation, showing that he paid just $750 in federal taxes the year he won the presidency.

Actress Patricia Arquette responded to Mary Trump by tweeting, "May you get what your father was entitled to!" Another follower tweeted, "Fred Trump, Donald's dad, used our tax system to avoid millions in taxes & was an expert at it. Trump is following in his dad's footsteps only his dad was smarter. Fred was constantly having to bail Donald out of some financial mess while he was alive. Donald always was a failure." A third paid tribute to the tagged New York Times reporters, saying, "I couldn't agree more. In the years ahead it will be written, hopefully, that the N.Y.T.s, and others played no small part in the downfall of America's most corrupt, and traitorous President."

One critic questioned the motives behind the New York Times expose, saying, "What people seem to conveniently ignore about both: 'When they go low we go high' and the uproar about Holder's: 'When they go low kick 'em.' is the pre-condition that THEY GO LOW. The outrage about how awful it is to use their own tactics against them is an absurd hypocrisy." Another supporter simply asked and answered, "Thanks Mary — but do you see any crimes in this article? Unfortunately, I don't see anything blatant."