Shahs Of Sunset: This Is Golnesa's Secret Skincare Weapon

Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi is primarily known for her hot temper and even hotter style. The Shahs of Sunset star has been glittering like a diamond on our screens ever since the show's debut, and she somehow seems to get more and more fabulous with each new season. As People reported, becoming a mother suits Golnesa even more than her previously glamorous, single lady lifestyle, but really we shouldn't be surprised she's making the role her own.

The reality star comes from a wealthy background and was still getting a sizable living allowance from her father, according to Starcasm, at least during the first couple seasons of Shahs. These days, she's independently living it large, as the owner of her own successful hair extensions line which, along with a healthy Bravo paycheck. That should keep the self-proclaimed "Persian princess" dripping with jewels for the foreseeable future. However, given how well-off she is, it might surprise you to learn that one of Golnesa's biggest beauty secrets has nothing to do with expensive creams or invasive treatments.

Golnesa's favorite beauty product is totally affordable

While chatting with Bravo's The Lookbook recently, the Shahs of Sunset favorite revealed that, first and foremost, she doesn't have many beauty products to recommend because she doesn't use much of anything. What she does put on her face, however, will totally shock you. "It's funny — no one ever believes me but all I've ever used on my face ... is just Vaseline," she revealed. Golnesa explained how she layers on the product, which you can pick up for a couple bucks at any drugstore, immediately after getting out of the shower.

The reality star also puts it under her makeup. "That's all I use is a Vaseline tub ... as my moisturizer. I'm not really fancy," she shrugged. Golnesa even shouted out drugstore mascaras, such as Rimmel's super-black variety, and Nivea moisturizers as her other inexpensive go-tos. However, before you start to panic that this is some kind of Invasion of the Body Snatchers situation, Golnesa clarified that she meant she's not fancy when it comes to beauty stuff. The Shahs star lives for the finer things, as longtime fans of the show will know.